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Calling all cheesesteak connoisseurs! This year, we’ll show you how to celebrate National Cheesesteak Day like a true Philly native. So grab your napkins and a big appetite because the seams are bursting with succulent steak, melted cheese, and fun facts.

When is Cheesesteak Day?

It's national cheesesteak day on the 24th March.

A Brief History

National Cheesesteak day traces its roots to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia where Pat Olivieri, a hot dog vendor, decided to switch up his regular dogs for some chopped beef on a roll and voila! the cheesesteak was born. This scrumptious creation quickly gained popularity and now has its own dedicated day on the national calendar, celebrated every March 24th.

The Rise to Stardom

Our investigation unearthed a whopping 3210 online mentions of National Cheesesteak Day! The sizzling peak of these delicious indicators was on March 24, 2017, when the internet was practically smothered in cheesesteak goodness. This is clearly an indicator of the treat's popularity, reminding us that everyone loves a good steak sandwich!

How to Celebrate

Fancy yourself a whisk in the kitchen? Why not try your hand at crafting the perfect homemade cheesesteak? Treat yourself, gather your loved ones and let the good times roll. Or better yet, pay a visit to your local cheesesteak hotspot and leave it to the professionals.

Cheesesteak Around the World

While it may have originated in Philadelphia, the cheesesteak has embarked on a world tour and you'd be amazed at the places you can find it! From Japan's gourmet version to Australia's down-under interpretation, the world sure has a taste for this American classic.

History behind the term 'Cheesesteak'


The Birth of the Steak Sandwich

In the 1930s, the steak sandwich became a popular quick meal option in Philadelphia. Thinly sliced beef, usually ribeye or top round, was cooked on a griddle and served on a roll. The steak sandwich was loved for its simplicity and deliciousness.


Pat's King of Steaks

Pat's King of Steaks, a small hot dog stand located in South Philadelphia, claims to have invented the cheesesteak. In 1933, the owner, Pat Olivieri, cooked up some grilled steak and put it on a roll. A taxi driver smelled the enticing aroma and requested to try it. The concept of the cheesesteak was born!


The Addition of Cheese

The original steak sandwich was simply grilled beef on a roll. However, in the 1940s, a manager at Pat's King of Steaks named Joe Lorenzo suggested adding cheese to the sandwich. Cheese was melted over the steak, creating the beloved combination we know today as the cheesesteak.


Geno's Steaks Enters the Scene

Geno's Steaks, another iconic cheesesteak establishment in South Philadelphia, opened its doors in 1966. Geno's is known for its rivalry with Pat's King of Steaks and the ongoing debate over which establishment serves the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia.


Cheesesteak Goes National

The popularity of the cheesesteak continued to grow, and in 1982, it made its way onto the national stage. A cheesesteak shop called Sonny's in Old City, Philadelphia, was featured on NBC's Today Show, introducing the iconic sandwich to a wider audience.


The Cheesesteak's Global Reach

Over the years, the cheesesteak has gained international recognition and can now be found in various forms and flavors around the world. From classic cheesesteaks with provolone or Cheez Whiz to gourmet variations with different cheeses and toppings, the cheesesteak has become a symbol of Philadelphia's culinary heritage.

Did you know?

Did you know that the original cheesesteak sandwich invented by Pat Olivieri didn’t contain cheese? It was only when a policeman asked for cheese to be added to his steak sandwich that the cheesesteak we know and love was born.


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