National Cbd Day

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August 8th, a day that conjures images of sun-soaked afternoons and the faint scent of summer breezes. But, did you know, it is also National CBD Day? Yep! In the midst of barbecues and beach trips, people have been taking a moment to celebrate something a little different.

When is Cbd Day?

It's national cbd day on the 8th August.

A Look Back at National CBD Day

Way before Instagram influencers were donning their hemp hats, CBD - or cannabidiol if we're being formal - was beginning to take center stage. Our data detected a whopping 2030 mentions of National CBD Day online, proving the day has been gaining some serious popularity.

The day gained its highest-ever online chatter on 08 Aug 2019, demonstrating how the acceptance and awareness of CBD and its benefits is rocketing upwards faster than a SpaceX launch.

What's all the Fuss About?

CBD, the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, has a wealth of proponents thanks to its reported health benefits. From helping with sleep to lending a hand with anxiety, CBD is seemingly the Mary Poppins of wellness - practically perfect in every way.

How to Celebrate

You could celebrate by broadening your knowledge about CBD and maybe even trying some of the various products on offer. Or perhaps, concoct a CBD-infused recipe that could have even Gordon Ramsay saying 'Well done'. Remember, it's all just a bit of fun and awareness, not a wild weekend in Amsterdam.

Did you know?

Did you know that in some places you can even get CBD-infused pet products? So even furry friends can join in on the National CBD Day festivities! Just don't let them monopolize that new CBD-infused tennis ball.


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