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Who knew that so much culinary controversy could be stuffed into one dish? Yep, we're talking about the humble, yet divisive, casserole. Before you start trembling in your spatulas, let's spill the beans (pun intended!) on this notoriously mixed dish of delight. Come with us as we explore National Casserole Day, a day that after quite a stir online, is slowly simmering its way into people's hearts, (and stomachs!)

When is Casserole Day?

It's national casserole day on the 3rd February.

Delicious History

Let's be honest, we don't know the exact date when the first casserole was baked, but we've detected 32 scrumptious mentions of National Casserole Day out there in the digital wild. But, here's the cream of the crop: it looks like the dish really boiled over on the 3rd of February, 2017. Casserole connoisseurs were typing up a storm and steaming up the internet with their favorite mouthwatering recipes and oh-so-cute casserole dish tales.

Why We Love Casseroles

Plain and simple, casseroles are comfort food. They're the culinary equivalent of a warm, fluffy blanket on a chilly night or a big, familiar, comforting bear hug at the end of a tough day. Plus, they're so versatile - breakfast, lunch, dinner, it's always casserole o'clock if you ask us! And casseroles, like us on a lazy Sunday, aren't fussy. Meat, veggies, leftover roasted potatoes - they welcome them all. It's an all-in-one dish that can feed a family, and bring them together!

A Day for The Molded Miracle

Take this day to celebrate the diversity of this dish. The casserole can be molded, mixed and layered just about any way you like it. Yes, we're all about 'inclusion' here folks, casseroles are the epitome of culinary incredible hulk – they are baked, not fried, but full of flavor. That’s why we need to give them their due. It’s a dish that we ought to honor, for its flair and favor, and its power to fill up bellies with warmth and humble delight. So let’s take a moment, or a mouthful, to celebrate this concocted, yet marvelously molded food phenomena on its special day.

History behind the term 'Casserole'


The Birth of the Casserole

The term 'casserole' originated in France in 1866, deriving from the French word 'casse,' meaning 'small saucepan.' Casseroles were initially small dishes used for cooking and serving individual portions of food. These early casseroles were made of ceramic or enameled cast iron and were typically used for slow cooking and baking.


The Broiler Casserole

In 1897, the term 'casserole' expanded to include a specific type of dish. The 'broiler casserole' was introduced, which was designed to be used with a broiler or grill. It featured a shallow, rectangular shape to allow even browning and caramelization of the food. This innovation made casseroles more versatile, enabling them to be used for a wider range of cooking methods.


The Casserole Dish Gains Popularity

During the 1930s, casserole dishes gained immense popularity in the United States. This was primarily due to their convenience and ability to serve as one-dish meals. Casseroles became a staple of American home cooking, providing an easy way to combine various ingredients and create a flavorful and filling meal. They were especially favored during the Great Depression when households sought economical ways to feed their families.


The Casserole Craze

In the 1950s, casseroles reached their peak of popularity in the United States. They became a symbol of convenience and modernity, as innovative recipes and marketing campaigns promoted the ease of preparing casseroles with canned goods and pre-packaged ingredients. Casserole dishes were often served at potlucks, church suppers, and family gatherings, further solidifying their place in American culinary culture.


Casseroles Continuously Evolving

Today, casseroles remain a beloved and versatile dish. They have evolved to encompass a wide variety of cuisines and flavor profiles, from classic comfort food casseroles to innovative gourmet creations. Casseroles are often seen as a nostalgic and comforting meal, evoking a sense of home and tradition. Despite their humble origins, casseroles have become an enduring culinary tradition enjoyed by people around the world.

Did you know?

Did you know that casserole got its name from the 'casse' which is a French term for 'case'? Yep, you can consider these dishes handy little 'cases' for all your favorite foods!


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