National Carpenters Day

A skilled carpenter, wearing a tool belt and safety goggles, confidently using a power drill to create a beautifully crafted wooden bookshelf, surrounded by stacks of books and cherished items that will find their new home on the shelves..
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Who needs Superman when you have a carpenter? Those handy humans who fix our furniture and make those poetic patios are the unsung heroes of every household. On National Carpenters Day, we pour out our tin of appreciation for all those carpenters who make our homes better and our lives easier!

When is Carpenters Day?

It's national carpenters day on the 24th September.

A Closer Look at National Carpenters Day

National Carpenters Day, a day that celebrates the toiling tinkerers of timber, has been quietly gathering its followers in the depths of the internet. We first saw our trusty online sleuths chatter about this day in 2019, with September 24th sticking out as a popular date. It's high time we hammer down the details of this budding niche observance.

Why We Cherish Our Carpenters

Carpenters are like the fairy godmothers (or godfathers) of the domestic world. They wave their magic wands (okay, drills and hammers), and voila! Broken chairs are mended, dream decks are fashioned, and precarious porches are secured. Carpenters are behind those beautiful bookshelves holding your precious stories and memories. Can there be a better reason to celebrate them?

Celebrating National Carpenters Day

A good way to celebrate this day is, you guessed it, to raise a toast to a carpenter. Or better still - a mug of steaming coffee or a hot meal. Why not gift them a dashing toolset or a fancy safety gear kit? To be honest, a simple thank you was never underrated.

Another way to celebrate is to delve into a bit of DIY carpentry. Make a simple birdhouse or fix that wobbly table. Not only will you now better appreciate the craft of a carpenter, but you might also unleash your hidden carpentry talent!

Spreading the Carpenter Love

While National Carpenters Day isn't as widely recognized as Halloween, let's do our bit to make it 'a thing.' Share your National Carpenters Day celebration ideas, photos, or simply spread the word on social media with the hashtags #NationalCarpentersDay and #HereForCarpenters. Remember, no celebration is too small when it is for the right cause!

History behind the term 'Carpenters'

15th century

Rise of the Guilds

During the 15th century, the term carpenter began to take shape. It originated from the word 'carpentier' in French, which was derived from the Latin word 'carpentarius.' This term initially referred to skilled craftsmen who worked with wood. The rise of the guilds during this time played a crucial role in shaping the profession of carpentry, establishing standards, and promoting the exchange of knowledge among carpenters.

17th century

Development of Carpentry Techniques

In the 17th century, carpentry techniques advanced significantly. Carpenters began using innovative tools and methods, such as the use of braces and hand saws, to improve their craftsmanship. With the emergence of new architectural styles, carpenters became instrumental in constructing intricate and ornate structures, including churches, cathedrals, and palaces.

19th century

Industrial Revolution and Mass Production

With the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, carpentry underwent a transformative change. The introduction of power tools and machinery in carpentry workshops revolutionized the profession, enabling mass production of furniture, building materials, and wooden products. Carpentry became more accessible and affordable, leading to its widespread use in everyday life.

20th century

Specialization and Modern Carpentry

In the 20th century, carpentry witnessed a shift towards specialization. As different construction materials and techniques emerged, carpenters became more focused on specific areas of expertise, such as finish carpentry, cabinetmaking, or framing. Moreover, advancements in technology, like computer-aided design (CAD) software and automated machinery, further transformed the field of carpentry, enabling precise and efficient workflows.

Did you know?

The word 'Carpenter' is derived from the Old French 'carpentier' (later, 'charpentier') which was derived from the Latin 'carpentrius' meaning 'maker of a carriage.'


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