National Career Day

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Greetings, career enthusiasts, and welcome to our delightful dissection of National Career Day! Yes, that's right – there's a whole day out there devoted to celebrating your job, your future job, your dream job, or any job in between!

When is Career Day?

It's national career day on the 24th August.

Whatcha Doin'?

Well, if it's National Career Day on your calendar, you should be marvelling at the multitude of vocations that exist in the world. On this day, we detected 2306 mentions online, peaking in excitement on 24th August 2015. Just goes to show, even in the middle of summer vacay, people absolutely love talking about work! Or maybe that's when they start to realize they can't be on vacation forever – debatable!

The Nine-To-What Now?

National Career Day serves as a delightful reminder of the diversity of occupations and the significance of everyone's contributions. From the classic profession choices like doctors, lawyers, teachers to the new-age jobs like social media influencers, game developers, and matcha tea quality testers (now that's a dream job if I ever heard one!).

Appreciation Abounds!

On this day, think about your own career. If you're currently in the job you love, fantastic! If not, let your imagination roam free with all the future possibilities. Remember, every person's labour makes society roll – unless you have figured out a way to live off the grid, and in that case, share your secrets with us!

So Many Careers - So Little Time!

National Career Day could be the perfect opportunity to research a career you've always been curious about, or it could just be the perfect excuse to chat to your colleagues about your dream jobs. The next astronomer could be sitting right next to you – although if you work together at a space station, that's not as impressive!

History behind the term 'Career'

circa 1530

The Birth of 'career'

During the 16th century, the term 'career' made its first appearance in the English language. It was borrowed from the Middle French word 'carrière', which referred to a racecourse or a path for a knight's horse. In this context, 'career' represented the path that someone's life or professional journey would take, much like a horse racing along a designated course.

circa 1803

The Evolution of 'career'

In the early 19th century, the meaning of 'career' expanded to include a person's entire course of life, encompassing not just professional aspects but also personal achievements and social standing. This evolution reflected the changing societal view of work and success, intertwining one's occupation with their overall life journey and aspirations.


'Career' in the Modern Sense

By the late 19th century, 'career' took on the modern sense we recognize today, denoting a planned progression of professional achievements and advancements in a specific field or occupation. This shift aligned with the rising industrialization and specialization of labor, where individuals started to focus their efforts on developing expertise in a chosen area, aiming for long-term success and fulfillment.


Expanding Career Choices

During the 1960s, the concept of 'career' underwent a significant transformation due to societal changes and the increased push for gender and racial equality. More individuals, including women and people from marginalized communities, began to have access to a wider range of career opportunities, breaking away from traditional gender roles and limitations. This period marked a shift in career possibilities and paved the way for greater diversity and inclusion in various professions.

Present Day

Embracing Career Fluidity

In recent years, the notion of a linear and static career path has evolved into one that embraces career fluidity and adaptability. With changing work environments, technological advancements, and a focus on personal growth, individuals are increasingly open to exploring diverse professional avenues, switching fields, and embracing lifelong learning. Today, the concept of 'career' is viewed as a dynamic and multifaceted journey, allowing individuals to mold their paths according to their passions and evolving interests.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Career Day was most talked about on 24th August 2015? Maybe it was due to an influx of summer internship epiphanies!


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