National Capybara Appreciation Day

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Welcome to the charming and amusing world of Capybaras! If you're a fan of these quirky little creatures, then you're in for a treat. But, if you've never heard of a capybara before, well strap yourself in, we're about to embark on a journey of ground-dwelling rodent appreciation. Trust me, it's more fun than it sounds!

When is Capybara Appreciation Day?

It's national capybara appreciation day on the 13th October.

What on Earth is a Capybara?

Let's start with the basics: a capybara is a rodent, but not just any rodent – it's the largest one in the world. Hailing from South America, these adorable and zealously social creatures can grow up to two feet tall, and they are pro swimmers. Basically, imagine a guinea pig that could beat Michael Phelps in a swimming race, and you're on the right track.

The Birth of National Capybara Appreciation Day

Our data shows that National Capybara Appreciation Day began to pop up online in 2020, with the most mentions on October 13th. Thought it's still a relatively unknown celebration, this day offers us a wonderful opportunity to appreciate these gentle creatures and learn more about them. Plus, who wouldn't want to celebrate a day dedicated to such cool animals? Honestly, I don't trust anyone who wouldn't.

How to Celebrate Capybaras

There are many ways to celebrate these quirky rodents. You could visit a local zoo or wildlife park that houses capybaras, or alternatively, if travelling isn't exactly feasible for you right now because you're still waiting for your pet capybara to return your car keys, you can simply celebrate at home. Share capybara fun facts on your social media, draw or paint an image of a capybara, or even just spend some time watching capybara videos online – I promise, they are a solid source of joy.

History behind the term 'Capybara Appreciation'


Introduction of capybara appreciation

Capybara appreciation first emerged in 2009 as a niche online movement on social media platforms. It began with a small group of capybara enthusiasts who found themselves captivated by the charm and uniqueness of these giant rodents. They started sharing photos, anecdotes, and interesting facts about capybaras, which sparked curiosity among others and laid the foundation for capybara appreciation.


Rise of capybara memes

In 2011, capybara memes began circulating on the internet, further fueling the popularity of capybara appreciation. These memes often featured humorous captions juxtaposed with adorable or humorous images of capybaras. As a result, capybaras gained a new level of recognition as lovable and relatable creatures, drawing more attention to their fascinating characteristics and behaviors.


Capybara Cafes in Japan

The year 2014 saw the opening of the first capybara-themed cafe in Japan, which quickly became a sensation. Capybara lovers flocked to these cafes to have a unique experience of interacting with the gentle creatures up-close. People could pet, feed, and even take photos with the capybaras, fostering a deep sense of appreciation and admiration for these animals.


Capybara as internet celebrities

Capybaras rose to internet stardom in 2016 when images and videos of them interacting with other animal species, such as dogs and ducks, went viral. These adorable cross-species friendships touched the hearts of millions worldwide, solidifying the capybara's position as an internet darling. Their gentle nature and willingness to form unlikely bonds filled people with a sense of wonder and reinforced the concept of capybara appreciation.


Establishment of Capybara Appreciation Day

Capybara Appreciation Day was officially established in 2020 to celebrate these remarkable creatures and promote awareness about their conservation. On this day, capybara lovers globally share their admiration through social media posts, educational initiatives, and even local events. It serves as a rallying point for capybara enthusiasts to further spread knowledge and cultivate a deeper appreciation for these gentle and charismatic animals.

Did you know?

Bet you didn't know that capybaras are so friendly they often share their homes with other animal species? Now, that's neighbourly love!


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