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Gather 'round, dear readers, as we dive into the riveting journey of National Call Day, where the simple act of dialing and jabbering away to our heart's content emerges as a festival! A day so tech-savvy, it has its own 'ring' to it!

When is Call Day?

It's national call day on the 27th September.

A Brief History of National Call Day

Isn't it just incredible how one day, each year, practically all corners of the internet get buzzing with mentions of National Call Day? Well, that day beams in significance as we register a whopping 12278 mentions, with the highest influx noted on September 27, 2016, causing the digital realm to resonate with a symphony of dial tones.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking!

With a record spike in 2016, online activity witnessed a current that could only be described as an electronic stampede, all thanks to you, our eager button-pushers. It observed a heartwarming blend of delightful chatter, nostalgic reminiscence, important discussions, and of course, heaps of wholesome e-fun!

Buzz of the Day

From favorite food talks, rehashing the previous night's big game scores, to walking loved ones through a puzzling Excel glitch, and even romantic gestures, these calls played a special role in our audience's lives, showing that National Call Day truly has no boundaries when it comes to love and communication.

A Day for All

These calls weren't just limited to friendly banter and familial bonding. They played a key role in enlightening folks about financial planning, property management, and even centered around various awareness forums, proving to be as enlightening as it was exciting.

The Thrill of Relevance

With the rise of digital alternatives, our dear old calls have the limelight once again thanks to National Call Day. So, the next time you feel the itch to text, switch things up a bit. Dial that number instead, because hey, it's National Call Day, and your phone deserves some love too.

History behind the term 'Call'


The birth of 'call'

The term 'call' originated from the Old Norse word 'kalla', which means 'to cry out'. It was used to describe the act of using one's voice to communicate or attract attention. In the Middle Ages, messengers would often 'call' out to gather people for important announcements or to summon them to various activities.


The emergence of telecommunication

With the advent of telecommunication, the term 'call' expanded its meaning to refer to the act of speaking to someone over a distance using electronic devices. In 1567, a Scottish mathematician and inventor named John Napier invented the 'calling trumpet', a crude form of a primitive telephone. This device allowed individuals to communicate verbally over short distances, pioneering the concept of 'calling' someone from a distance.


The invention of the telephone

The term 'call' gained significant popularity with the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. The telephone revolutionized communication by allowing individuals to speak to each other in real-time over long distances. The action of initiating a conversation using this revolutionary device became commonly known as 'making a call'. This invention marked a major milestone in the history of telecommunications and elevated the term 'call' to a prominent position in everyday language.


The birth of the 'calling card'

In 1915, the 'calling card' was introduced as a formal means of leaving one's contact information during a visit. This term originated from the concept of 'calling' on someone, where individuals would visit others at their homes to pay social calls. The calling card, usually bearing one's name and address, allowed visitors to announce their arrival and make a polite 'call' to request a meeting or express their presence. While the usage of calling cards has declined in modern times, the term 'call' in this context preserves the historical significance of interpersonal communication.


The rise of mobile phone calls

The late 20th century witnessed the rapid development and widespread adoption of mobile phones. This advancement revolutionized communication by enabling people to 'call' each other anytime, anywhere. As mobile phones became increasingly accessible and affordable, making or receiving a phone call evolved into an indispensable part of daily life. The term 'call' became synonymous with using a mobile phone, and making a 'call' took on a whole new era of convenience and connectivity.

Did you know?

Did you know? September 27, 2016, witnessed the highest online mentions of National Call Day, proving that even in the era of texting, nothing beats a good old fashioned phone call.


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