National Cake Decorating Day

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Don't judge a cake by its frosting? Whoever came up with that must never have laid eyes on a beautifully adorned cake featuring delicate floral piping and sugary sprinkles. Welcome to the wonderland of National Cake Decorating Day, a time to appreciate the artistic contribution of frosting, sprinkles, and fondant on our favorite baked goods.

When is Cake Decorating Day?

It's national cake decorating day on the 10th October.

The Rise of National Cake Decorating Day

If you thought cake decorating was just about slapping on some icing and tossing a few sprinkles, then you’ve only tasted a crumb of the rich and fascinating world of cake artistry. According to our data, the term 'National Cake Decorating Day' has been spotted online 2942 times, with the most signatures icing the deal on October 10, 2020.

Lifting the Fondant-Tiered Curtain

Given the holiday’s recent surge in popularity, you might think cake decorating itself is a recent trend. But the lineage of this edible art goes back thousands of years, to when the ancient Egyptians began baking honey cakes for ceremonial purposes and bedecking them with colored icing. Cake decorating as we know it today emerged in mid-17th century Europe when Queen Elizabeth I was presented with a cake moulded into an intricate scene. Fast forward to now, we have towering wedding cakes, intricately designed holiday showstoppers, and majestic edible sculptures, all thanks to the numerous bakers worldwide commemorating this day.

Cakes, Internet & Edible Entertainment

Today, cake decorating has swept across online platforms as a kind of edible entertainment. Instagram and Pinterest are brimming with images of stunning cake designs while YouTube is home to countless how-to videos. A plethora of Netflix shows and hashtags like #CakeDecoratingDay are devoted to the craft, contributing to the upsurge of mentions.

Celebrating National Cake Decorating Day

So, how should you commemorate National Cake Decorating Day? Grab a piping bag, a nice palette of frosting, and a blank cake canvas. Share your creations online and spread the sweetness. Heck, even if your cake looks like it got hit by a freight train, you've contributed to the fabulous world of cake decorating. After all, it’s what’s on the inside (of your cake-decorating heart) that counts.

History behind the term 'Cake Decorating'

17th century

The Emergence of Cake Decorating

Cake decorating as we know it today originated in the 17th century. During this time, baking cakes became more popular, especially in Europe. However, cakes were often simple in appearance, and there was a desire to make them more visually appealing.

19th century

Handcrafted Cake Decorations

In the 19th century, cake decorating started to evolve further. It became common for home bakers and professional pastry chefs to handcraft decorations using various techniques. This included piping intricate designs with icing, creating edible flowers, and using sugarpaste to mold shapes and figures.


Introduction of Decorating Tools

The 1920s marked a significant advancement in cake decorating with the introduction of decorating tools. Pastry bags, tips, and molds became widely available, allowing bakers to create more intricate and detailed decorations with ease. This period witnessed a surge in creativity and artistry in cake decoration.


The Rise of Mass Production

During the 1950s, cake decorating started to shift from being primarily a manual craft to incorporating mass production techniques. As more people were interested in decorating cakes, businesses began producing ready-made decorations, such as icing flowers and pre-molded shapes. This made cake decorating more accessible to the general public.


Innovations in Cake Decorating

The 1970s saw further innovations in cake decorating techniques and tools. Buttercream frosting gained popularity as a versatile and easily spreadable medium. Additionally, new advances in food coloring, such as gel-based colors, allowed for more vibrant and long-lasting designs. These developments brought even greater creativity and precision to cake decoration.


Cake Decorating as an Art Form

Cake decorating has evolved into a true art form in the present day. From intricate wedding cakes to elaborate sculpted designs, cake decorators are continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity. With the advent of social media platforms, cake decorating has gained widespread recognition and appreciation, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world.

Did you know?

Did you know that the largest cake sculpture ever made was a life-sized replica of a Chinese temple? Yes, a temple made entirely of cake! It was whopping 27.8 meters wide and about 8.5 meters high!


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