National Bum Day

A statue of a curvaceous, perfectly round and firm bum, symbolizing the admiration of statuesque bottoms on National Bum Day. The scene is set in a tranquil park surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers..
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Well isn't this a cheeky subject to write about! Ladies and gentlemen, observe as we bravely venture into the somewhat wobbly history of National Bum Day. Amusingly, one may assume it's all about celebrating our derrières, but let's dive deeper to unravel the true tale behind this quirky observance.

When is Bum Day?

It's national bum day on the 3rd October.

Statuesque Beginnings

While we only have recorded 4 mentions of National Bum Day, the most mentions we detected were on 03 Oct 2017. I know, it sounds like we're making this up! But in fact, this backside appreciation day appears to have sprung from the admiration of statues. Ever noticed how statuesque bottoms are always perfectly round and firm? Maybe that's the inspiration.

The Significance of the Bum

In many cultures worldwide, the bum represents various values and symbols, often associated with fertility and robust health. A generous bottom often signifies prosperity in several societies. But remember, it's not all about size; it's about celebrating our unique and booty-ful selves!

Shake it with Fun

This day has seen joyful participants trying their hand (or should we say bum) at funny dances, competitions, bum-based art, and numerous other crack-ing activities that certainly help everyone lighten up and certainly breaks the ice at parties!

Sit, Ponder, and Celebrate

So when National Bum Day comes around next time, instead of turning the other cheek, why not join in the fun? Engage in some lighthearted appreciation, share some laughter and positivity, all while acknowledging the humorous side of our shared human anatomy.

Did you know?

Did you know that in Turkish culture, it’s considered good luck to 'pat' a friend's bum? Now, that's an interesting way to wish good fortune!


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3rd October 2017

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3rd October 2017

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