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Who needs superheroes when you have a buddy? That's right. We're all about celebrating our partners-in-crime, our forever allies, our very own 'jump into a pit with' comrades: our buddies. National Buddy Day is indeed something to cheer about.

When is Buddy Day?

It's national buddy day on the 9th June.

History of National Buddy Day

No, National Buddy Day wasn't founded by a pair of sitcom characters, but its origins are just as charming. The day emerged from a comfortable corner of the internet in the early 2000s, where individuals yearned to acknowledge the importance of those friendly lifesavers we call our buddies.

According to our oh-so-tech-savvy internet trawlers, online mentions of National Buddy Day began to bubble up around 2016, reaching a peak on 09 Jun 2016. Since then, each year appears to bring fresh ways to celebrate, whether it's partnering in a three-legged race or attempting to eat the world's largest pizza slice together.

The Buddy-fied Way to Celebrate

Your buddy deserves more than just a high-five or blurry selfie this National Buddy Day. This is the day to go big and bold! Organize a 'buddy Olympics', compete in 'who can make the silliest face' contests, or jam out to your favorite tracks from the 90s. Remember, antics and adventures amplify when performed in duos!

Why Buddies Truly Matter

In the era of digital friendship, Buddy Day reminds us of the value of true companionship. The shared laughter, the inside jokes, the mutual support in times of trouble, and most importantly, the shared history of being epic goofballs. So here's to the buddies who make life so much more entertaining, hilarious, and worthwhile. Long may you reign!

History behind the term 'Buddy'


Companions on the journey

In the year 1855, the term 'buddy' emerged as a casual term used to refer to a close companion or friend. Its origin lies in the word 'brother', which was commonly used to denote a close bond between individuals sharing a common purpose or experience. However, 'buddy' introduced a more light-hearted and informal tone to the concept of friendship, emphasizing the camaraderie and solidarity between people.


Buddy Holly and the rise of pop culture

In the 1920s, the term 'buddy' began to gain popularity, especially in the United States, due to its association with the emerging pop culture. During this time, the entertainment industry, particularly in the realm of music, started using the term to refer to close friends or members of a group. The rise of icons like Buddy Holly, a renowned American musician and one of the pioneers of rock and roll, further contributed to the term's widespread usage and influence in popular culture.


War-time allies and the buddy system

During the 1930s, the term 'buddy' took on a new significance through its association with the 'buddy system'. The buddy system, initially implemented in the military, involved pairing soldiers or servicemen together for mutual support and accountability. This practice fostered a strong sense of camaraderie and friendship among comrades, emphasizing the idea that having a 'buddy' was crucial for both personal and professional well-being.


Buddy cop movies and pop culture references

In the 1980s, 'buddy' gained even more cultural prominence with the rise of buddy cop movies, a popular film genre characterized by the pairing of two very different law enforcement officers who form an unlikely bond. Films like '48 Hrs.' and 'Lethal Weapon' showcased the dynamics of these contrasting partnerships, creating iconic characters that further embedded 'buddy' into the cultural lexicon. The term became synonymous with the idea of an unconventional yet effective partnership.

Present day

Enduring colloquial term

Today, 'buddy' remains a widely used colloquial term across various English-speaking countries. Its versatile nature allows it to convey a sense of friendship, trust, and camaraderie in everyday conversations. Whether referring to close friends, teammates, or even pets, 'buddy' has become a universal term that transcends time and continues to play a significant role in our social interactions and popular culture.

Did you know?

Did you know that 'buddy' originally comes from the American English term for 'brother'? Talk about a bond!


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