National Brothers Day

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National Brothers Day - a day that hails the wonderful bond between brothers everywhere. Whether you have one or twelve, this day is all about celebrating (or maybe tolerating just a bit more) those siblings with whom we share parentage and an uncanny knack of bickering over the silliest things!

When is Brothers Day?

It's national brothers day on the 24th May.

A Day for Our Boys

On this day, we pay homage to that most unique and sometimes infuriating, yet incredibly valuable family member - our brother. According to the internet archives, National Brothers Day was thrust into social media stardom on May 24th, 2017 when it was mentioned a record-breaking 11,486 times. That's nearly as many times as you've heard your brother say, 'I'm not touching you!' while hovering an index finger an inch away from your face.

Brotherly Love on the Internet

The popularity of National Brothers Day did not wane after its initial surge of recognition. Rather, it has steadily grown, a testament to the strong bonds between brothers, or perhaps the universal need to acknowledge them in some sarcastic and humorously meaningful way.

Celebrating National Brothers Day

No matter if you are grateful for your brother, or simply grateful you get to tease him relentlessly for a whole day, National Brothers Day is worthy of recognition. So, this year, put that sibling rivalry aside, celebrate this day with your very own partner in crime. How about a friendly game of whatever sport he always beat you at? Or maybe just switch roles for a day and order him around instead!

History behind the term 'Brothers'


Origins in Old English

The term 'brothers' originates from the Old English word 'broþor,' which itself is derived from the Proto-Germanic word 'brother.' This term has been used for centuries to refer to a male sibling.


Expanded Meaning in Fraternal Context

In the early 18th century, the term 'brothers' began to expand its meaning beyond just biological siblings. It started to be used to refer to male members of a close-knit group, such as a fraternity or fraternal organization.


Influence of Brotherhood Movements

During the mid-19th century, the concept of brotherhood gained prominence with various social and political movements. The term 'brothers' became associated with ideals of unity, loyalty, and solidarity within these movements, such as the labor union movement and secret societies.


Brothers as a Term of Camaraderie

In the early 20th century, 'brothers' gained popularity as a term of camaraderie and friendship among men, especially in military or sports contexts. It symbolized a strong bond and mutual support among individuals involved in shared endeavors.


Brothers as a Cultural Expression

The term 'brothers' began to take on a broader cultural significance in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement. It was used to emphasize the collective struggle for equality and justice among African Americans, with notable figures like Martin Luther King Jr. referring to fellow activists as 'brothers.'

Present Day

Inclusive Usage and Gender Neutrality

In modern times, the term 'brothers' has evolved to be more inclusive and gender-neutral. It is used to foster a sense of unity and support among individuals regardless of gender, reflecting the changing dynamics of societal relationships and the recognition of diverse forms of brotherhood.

Did you know?

National Brothers Day is not actually an officially recognized national day. But hey, who needs official when internet is shouting even louder?!


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