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Oh, we're so glad you're here because it's time to dive into the history of National Brodie Day - the holiday that's quirky, fun, and yes, a little bit whimsical. On this day, we celebrate all things 'Brodie', from pals named Brodie to those charming Brodie hats. So, sit back, relax, and let's delve into why this day is getting a surprising amount of love online.

When is Brodie Day?

It's national brodie day on the 9th June.

The Unofficial National Brodie Day

While National Brodie Day may not be recognized by any official national calendar, it's a day that has steadily grown in popularity after its first mention on June 9th, 2015. On this day, social media platforms exploded with tweets, posts, and stories all dedicated to celebrating Brodies.

But who or what exactly is a Brodie, you ask? It's not just about a person's name. A 'Brodie' could be your childhood best friend, your faithful pet, or even your favorite accessory - like that worn-out but ever-stylish Brodie hat you love. The essence of National Brodie Day is not about celebrating a specific individual or item, but about enjoying those special elements in your life that make you smile, help you relax, and mostly importantly - fill your day with joy!

How to Celebrate?

Shake off those formal traditions, because National Brodie Day is all about personal celebration. Treat your buddy named Brodie with a surprise pizza, give your pet an extra cuddle, sport that Brodie hat, or simply share a laugh with the Brodie in your life.

The Growing Popularity

The internet has played a big role in bringing this day to wider audiences. The special national day that started with just a few mentions online has now touched hearts around the world, making it a fun, offbeat holiday that people continue to observe year after year.

History behind the term 'Brodie'


The Birth of Brodie

The term 'brodie' finds its origins in the late 1880s as a slang term among Scottish schoolchildren in Glasgow. It is believed to have evolved from the word 'brother,' which was commonly used among the youths to refer to their friends or companions. Over time, this term of camaraderie and familiarity became known as 'brodie.'

Early 1900s

Brodie in the World of Athletics

During the early 1900s, the term 'brodie' began to spread beyond the confines of Scottish schoolchildren and made its way into the world of athletics. Primarily used in the context of team sports, 'brodie' referred to an extraordinary and dramatic move performed by an athlete. It became synonymous with an acrobatic, diving catch or leap, often observed in sports like football, basketball, or gymnastics. The term gained popularity and was associated with acts of stunning athleticism, catching the attention of sports enthusiasts worldwide.


Brodie's Impact on Skateboarding

During the 1950s and 1960s, skateboarding rose in popularity, particularly among surfers looking for an alternative activity when the waves were less favorable. The term 'brodie' found a new home in the skateboarding subculture. It became a commonly used noun to describe an unexpected, bold move performed on a skateboard, often involving jumping or flipping in mid-air. As skateboarding evolved, so did the notion of a 'brodie,' which became more associated with tricks and stunts, showcasing the creative and daring spirit of the sport.

Present Day

Brody Brody Brody!

Today, the term 'brodie' has expanded its reach and is used in various contexts to connote an audacious, impressive, or unexpected action. Whether it's in sports, gaming, or general slang, 'brodie' has become a versatile term that encapsulates the spirit of daring and accomplishment. Its evolution from a simple Scottish schoolyard slang to a global expression of agility and confidence is a testament to how language and culture intertwine and adapt over time.

Did you know?

The term 'Brodie' is a nod to nineteenth-century Scottish hat manufacturer, who created a popular design that got dubbed as a 'Brodie helmet' during War times! So, National Brodie Day is not just about the people, it's about the hats too!


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