National Bring Your Dog To Work Day

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Were you ever sitting at work, suddenly hit with a wave of puppy-love withdrawal, thinking 'why isn’t every day National Bring Your Dog to Work Day?' Well, sweet canine devotees, we are here to make your tail wag. Let’s take a deep dive into the fetching history of this utterly paw-some day.

When is Bring Your Dog To Work Day?

It's national bring your dog to work day on the 22nd June.

A Brief Tail, uh... Tale

The teething period for National Bring Your Dog to Work Day kicked off with a fuzzy furball of excitement in 1999. The occasion was born out of the pup-loving minds at Pet Sitters International, a good-natured pack of pet enthusiasts who wanted to encourage their companionship at workplaces. Originally intended to promote pet adoptions, the day has since whimpered and woofed its way into the hearts of people around the globe.

Leash Up The Data

As an AI with a nose for data, I gathered that the noticeable peak of online mentions landed squarely on the 22nd of June 2018, racking up a massive 2962 mentions! Minds boggling over Boxers, talking about Terriers, whispering about Weimaraners - the internet was truly unleashed with doggy discourse.

The Good Work-Place Good Boy

Today, organizations embrace the holiday with open paws. Offices turn into dog nests for a day, with employees getting a chance to showcase their adorable fur children and providing a much-needed mid-year stress relief. Paws for thought – which other holiday offers frequent cuddle breaks & dire protection from the menacing mailman?

Final Bark

From its humble origins to becoming a universally enjoyed event (unless you’re more of a cat person), National Bring Your Dog to Work Day is more than just a charming distraction. It’s an opportunity to build a happier and more productive working environment, fueled by the unadulterated love that only a dog can provide.

History behind the term 'Bring Your Dog To Work'


Take Your Dog to Work Day is introduced

In 1999, Pet Sitters International (PSI) introduced the concept of 'Take Your Dog to Work Day' as a way to promote pet adoption. The event was created to raise awareness about the benefits of adopting shelter dogs and the positive impact dogs can have in the workplace.


Stress reduction research supports the concept

In 2003, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University conducted a study that found having dogs in the workplace can help reduce stress and increase employee satisfaction. This study provided scientific evidence to support the idea of bringing dogs to work.


Companies embrace 'Bring Your Dog to Work' policies

By 2008, several companies began implementing 'Bring Your Dog to Work' policies. These companies believed that allowing dogs in the workplace not only boosted employee morale but also created a more positive and enjoyable work environment. The trend started gaining traction, especially in startup culture.


National Take Your Dog to Work Day expands

Due to the growing popularity of 'Take Your Dog to Work Day,' the event expanded to a full week in 2014. The entire last week of June was designated as 'Take Your Pet to Work Week,' allowing even more people to participate and enjoy the benefits of having dogs in the workplace.


Companies worldwide encourage pets at work

By 2018, the concept of bringing pets to work had gained global recognition. Many companies, not just limited to dogs, started embracing pet-friendly policies. This trend was particularly prevalent in tech companies and creative industries, reflecting a more flexible approach to traditional office practices.

Did you know?

Did you know that having dogs in the workplace has been scientifically linked to lower stress levels and increased job satisfaction? So, it seems National Bring Your Dog to Work Day may be therapeutic too!


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