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So, you want to bring your offspring to your workplace, huh? Well, you're in luck because it's National Bring Your Child to Work Day! It's that one special day where your little ones can experience the thrilling world of spreadsheets, coffee breaks, and memos. It's like taking them to Disney World, but with more paperwork. Okay, maybe it's not as exciting as Disney World, but hey, at least they get to see what Mom or Dad actually does all day. So, let's dive into the fantastic history and delightful activities of this cherished day!

When is Bring Your Child To Work Day?

It's national bring your child to work day on the 27th April.

A Brief History of National Bring Your Child to Work Day

Believe it or not, National Bring Your Child to Work Day is a fairly recent addition to our jam-packed calendar of wacky celebrations. The holiday first came into existence in 1993, thanks to the efforts of the Ms. Foundation for Women. They wanted to create an opportunity for kids to get a glimpse into their parents' working lives and envision their own future careers. So, on the fourth Thursday of every April, parents across the nation started bringing their mini-me versions to their workplaces, ready to give them a taste of the 9-to-5 grind.

Since its inception, this day has gained tremendous popularity and has become a treasured tradition for countless families. It offers children a chance to learn about different professions, discover new skills, and develop a deeper appreciation for their parents' hard work. Plus, it gives parents an opportunity to show off their cool desk toys and introduce their colleagues to the wonders of juice box art.

How to Celebrate National Bring Your Child to Work Day

Celebrating National Bring Your Child to Work Day is all about creating a fun and memorable experience for both parents and children. Here are a few ideas to make the most of this special day:

  • Job Swap: Let your child take a crack at doing your job (with some supervision, of course). Who knows, their fresh perspective might just lead to groundbreaking innovations and a promotion for you.
  • Pizza Party: Order in some delicious pizza and gather everyone around for a casual lunch break. It's the perfect opportunity for your coworkers to meet your mini-me and for your little one to steal Liz from accounting's heart with their adorable rendition of the alphabet.
  • Desk Decorating Contest: Encourage your colleagues to deck out their desks with kid-friendly decorations. From colorful streamers to handmade macaroni art, let the creativity flow! Bonus points if you manage to incorporate glitter without initiating a full-scale office cleanup operation.

Remember, the key to a successful National Bring Your Child to Work Day is to have fun, bond with your little one, and maybe even ignite a spark of inspiration for their future career. Who knows, maybe they'll end up becoming a world-renowned spreadsheet architect or a coffee break connoisseur.

History behind the term 'Bring Your Child To Work'


The inception of 'Take Our Daughters to Work' Day

In 1993, the Ms. Foundation for Women introduced the first 'Take Our Daughters to Work' Day. The purpose of the day was to encourage young girls to envision a future where they can pursue any career they desire. This initiative aimed to expose girls to various professions and foster their self-confidence and aspirations.


Expanding the event to include boys

In 2003, the 'Take Our Daughters to Work' program expanded its focus and evolved into 'Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work' Day. This change aimed to include boys and provide equal opportunities for them to gain workplace exposure. By including both genders, the event aimed to promote gender equality and challenge traditional gender roles.


Renaming to 'Take Our Children to Work' Day

In 2012, the event underwent another change and was renamed 'Take Our Children to Work' Day. This modification recognized that children of both sexes should have equal opportunities to experience their parents' workplace environment. The inclusive name shift embraced the importance of involving all children, regardless of their gender.


The emergence of 'Bring Your Child to Work' Day

In recent years, 'Take Our Children to Work' Day has evolved further into 'Bring Your Child to Work' Day. This name change solidified the idea that parents can bring their sons, daughters, or even children they care for, to experience their job firsthand. The extended term 'Bring Your Child to Work' ensures a broader understanding of family dynamics and acknowledges the diverse relationships children have with those who care for them.

Did you know?

Did you know that the very first Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, which later became National Bring Your Child to Work Day, was inspired by a young girl named Casey who dreamed of becoming an astronaut? The founders of the Ms. Foundation for Women, when they heard Casey's aspirations, decided to create a special day to empower and inspire children to dream big and achieve their goals.


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