National Break Up Day

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Well, who said there wasn't a day for everything? Welcome to 'National Break-Up Day.' An unusual commemoration indeed, but this day stands as a reminder that sometimes, relationships just don't work out. Sit back, sip some tea (or coffee if you prefer) and let's break down the what, when, and why of this oddball day... Don't worry folks, this is a no-tears zone. We promise!

When is Break Up Day?

It's national break up day on the 23rd December.

The history of National Break-up Day

With 470 mentions online, 'National Break-up Day' seems to have developed quite an interesting online presence. The spotlight shone most brightly on the 23rd of December, 2016. We're not sure what happened then, maybe it was a collective pre-Christmas fall out or the real-life enactment of 'Santa Claus is coming to town' line - 'he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake...' either way that's one frosty Christmas Eve eve!

So, what is it all about?

National Break-up Day reminds us that it's okay to let go. Regardless of whatever romantic comedy Hollywood has decided to push out, sometimes relationships run their course. This day serves as a chance to leave behind what's not working and to greet new opportunities with a smile. Bitter? Sweet? Maybe a bit of both, just like dark chocolate. Life often is.

Should we celebrate it?

Well, 'celebrate' might not be the right word. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to learn and grow. If it doesn't feel right to throw a party (and honestly, we'd question it if it did), perhaps use this day for self-care or reconnecting with friends and family. After all, 'loved ones' is not a term exclusively reserved for romantic partners.

Did you know?

One fun little nugget to share at your next online trivia night - the internet chatter about 'National Break-up Day' was at its highest on the 23rd of December 2016. We're just as curious about these winter romances as you are!


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