National Boy Friend Day

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Seize this day because shoes are on the other foot! National Boyfriend Day, a day where boyfriends are lavished with love and presents. It's not common to see Boyfriends being the main attraction of affection, but on October 3rd, their day has finally come!

When is Boy Friend Day?

It's national boy friend day on the 4th October.

History of National Boyfriend Day

Galleon's of affection sailed into internet history in 2016 with a staggering 2258 mentions and reached its peak on 4th October. While its history has its roots tangled in social media vines rather than official proclamation, by golly did it become a thing!

The Importance of National Boyfriend Day

No boyfriend should feel left out! It's a day to show your appreciation, plan out fun activities, buy cool gifts, and adopt an attitude of gratitude for everything they add to your life. Let him feel sappy and giggly all day, just like in those cheesy rom-coms!

Celebration Suggestions

Whether your boyfriend is sports crazy, a foodie, or a hopeless romantic, there's something for everyone. A football ticket? His favorite dish cooked to perfection? Or maybe an unexpected romantic date under the stars? The possibilities are endless.

Spread the love around!

No one's ever salty for extra love and attention. Let's make National Boyfriend day a wave-crashing love fest on social media. Share your fun stories and gift ideas using hashtag #NationalBoyfriendDay. Don't forget, the internet waits for no lover!

History behind the term 'Boy Friend'


The Birth of the Term

The term 'boy friend' was first recorded in 1889, during the late 19th century. It started to gain popularity as a term referring to a male companion or a close friend. Although the exact origin of the term is unclear, it likely emerged from the term 'friend' being conjoined with 'boy,' emphasizing a close platonic bond between young men.

early 20th century

Evolving Connotations

As the 20th century progressed, the term 'boy friend' began to take on romantic undertones. It started to be used to describe a romantic male partner, indicating a deeper level of emotional and romantic involvement. This shift in meaning coincided with the changing social dynamics and norms surrounding courtship and relationships.


Popularization in Mass Media

During the 1920s, the term 'boy friend' gained further popularity due to its frequent appearance in various forms of mass media such as newspapers, magazines, and novels. As the concept of dating became more prevalent, the term 'boy friend' became a common phrase used to describe a romantic partner. It became deeply ingrained in popular culture and was adopted by people globally.

late 20th century

Gender-Neutral Usage

With the cultural shifts of the late 20th century, the term 'boy friend' started being increasingly used in a gender-neutral sense. It became applicable to both male and female romantic partners, allowing for a more inclusive understanding of relationships. This evolution in usage reflected the societal changes and the embrace of diverse relationships and gender identities.

present day

Contemporary Interpretations

In the present day, the term 'boy friend' continues to be used in various contexts. While it still often refers to a person's romantic partner, its usage has become more nuanced and flexible. Some individuals prefer using alternative terms like 'partner' or 'significant other,' while others maintain the traditional term. The term 'boy friend' has become a part of our cultural lexicon, showcasing the ever-changing nature of language and relationships.

Did you know?

Did you know that there's a Flip Side too? Yes, National Girlfriend Day struts its stuff every August 1st!


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