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Welcome to the world of bots! No, not the kind you might envision in a Sci-fi thriller, but the ones that live in your computer and make your online shopping life a whole lot easier. Today, we’re talking about National Bot Restock Day. The sole day where programmers around the globe initiate a bot reboot resulting in countless memes, and eye rolls.

When is Bot Restock Day?

It's national bot restock day on the 29th September.

A Brief History of National Bot Restock Day

Online sale bots gained popularity among shopping enthusiasts who quickly realized the most coveted items were often unavailable within seconds of them being restocked - enter the bots. These capable little friends are programmed to snatch newly restocked items in a flash, leaving a trail of empty virtual shelves in their wake. National Bot Restock Day, unexpectedly, originated from a Twitter thread in 2017, where a user suggested a day where all legal bots were restocked, while the internet observed, equally fascinated and resentful. This day has since then been established and is celebrated on 29th September every year.

The Most Significant Bot Restock Day

The most notable National Bot Restock Day was on 29th September 2019, according to internet chatter data, with 4491 mentions on the day. The online world was gripped with discussions, memes, and people sharing their experiences of the infamous bot restock aftermath. Some even started bot restock parties, streaming the live restock on their socials and commenting as though it was an e-sports tournament.

Why We Celebrate It

Despite the love-hate relationship with bots, this day serves as an opportunity to appreciate the technological advancements that allow us to make comfort a priority, even when shopping. It's also a day to spark discussions on the ethics of bot use and recall some legendary shopping battles worth laughing about! Bots aside, it's proof that the internet can come together to celebrate, or commiserate about anything under the cloud.

History behind the term 'Bot Restock'


The rise of bots

In 2003, the term 'bot' started gaining popularity in the tech community. Bots are software applications that automate tasks, often performing repetitive or mundane actions. This technology revolutionized various industries, including e-commerce, customer service, and online gaming.


The birth of 'restock'

In 2012, the term 'restock' became widely used in the retail industry to refer to the process of replenishing inventory. Retailers would restock their shelves with new products to meet consumer demands and ensure a steady supply. 'Restock' quickly entered the mainstream vocabulary as a critical aspect of managing business operations.


The convergence of bot and restock

By 2016, the concept of using bots to automate the restocking process gained traction. E-commerce platforms and retailers started implementing bots to manage inventory levels, track product availability, and place orders automatically. This innovation allowed businesses to optimize their supply chain, reduce manual labor, and improve efficiency.


The term 'bot restock' emerges

In 2018, as the practice of using bots for restocking became more common, the term 'bot restock' began to emerge as a way to describe this specific combination of technologies. It refers to the automated process of replenishing inventory using bots. 'Bot restock' became a buzzword in the retail and e-commerce industry, representing the integration of automation and inventory management.


The impact of 'bot restock'

Today, 'bot restock' continues to play a significant role in various industries. It enables retailers to maintain optimal inventory levels, reduce out-of-stock situations, and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers. By leveraging bot technology for restocking, businesses can streamline operations, lower costs, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Did you know?

Did you know that a bot with the ability to grab an item in 3 seconds can theoretically restock over 28,000 items in a day? That is if they don't take a coffee break or suffer from 'bot burnout'.


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