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Aha, National Bobs Day, an international phenomenon known only to the select few! We've caught glimpses of it on the internet, a whispered name, a trending hashtag, but do we know what it truly is? In a nutshell, it's a day to salute all the Bobs near you (including Professor Robert, Bob the Builder, or Bob the Uncle) and acknowledge their spirited Bob-nature.

When is Bobs Day?

It's national bobs day on the 3rd August.

How it all Began

Our digital spies have traced 73 mentions of the mysterious National Bobs Day across the web, dating back to slightly weathered Reddit threads and a handful of cryptic Tumblr posts. The sheer exhilaration reached its zenith on the 3rd of August, 2020, when the online world buzzed with the mention of #NationalBobsDay.

The Legacy of the Bobs

No matter what sort of Bob you know, one thing does seem to be a constant - Bobs have a charm that's undeniably unique. The name has a long history (it's even an actual children's games, seriously, look up 'Bobs and Statues'!) With National Bobs Day, the internet seems to have found a fun day dedicated to appreciating the Bob magic.

How to Celebrate National Bobs Day?

Turn up at the door of a Bob you know and tell them how bobtastic they are! Not versed in 'Bob' lingo, don't worry. Just let them know they rock. In the online world, Bobs Day enthusiasts have been known to send delightful memes, share hilarious Bob stories and partake in Bob-themed parties.

The Future of National Bobs Day

Despite its currently humble standing, the momentum around National Bobs Day is irrefutably building. Mark our words, come next 3rd of August, the mention of #NationalBobsDay will be as omnipresent as the very air we breathe.

History behind the term 'Bobs'


The Birth of the Bob Haircut

In the 1920s, a revolutionary new hairstyle called the bob became increasingly popular. The bob was characterized by its short length, typically reaching just below the ears. It was a bold departure from the long, intricate hairstyles that were prevalent in previous eras. The bob quickly gained popularity among women who sought to challenge societal norms and embrace a more modern, liberating look.


The Term 'Bobs' Enters the Lexicon

As the bob haircut became a cultural phenomenon, a new term emerged to refer to these stylish and daring women. The term 'bobs' was coined to describe those who sported the trendy bob hairstyle. 'Bobs' quickly became a widely recognized term, and it was used to encapsulate the spirit of women who embraced this iconic hairstyle.


Bobbed Hair Influences Fashion and Society

The influence of bobbed hair extended beyond mere hairstyles and began to impact various aspects of society. The bob became a symbol of women's empowerment and independence, challenging traditional gender roles. It inspired changes in fashion, as clothing styles were adapted to complement the sleek and modern aesthetic of the bob. Bobbed hair also challenged prevailing beauty standards, signaling a shift towards a more individualistic and unconventional approach to personal style.


'Bobs' in Pop Culture

Throughout the 1960s, the term 'bobs' continued to gain popularity and found its way into pop culture. Fashion magazines, films, and advertisements often featured 'bobs' prominently, showcasing the hairstyle as a trendy and chic choice. The term 'bobs' became synonymous with modernity and progressive thinking, further cementing its place in popular culture.

Present Day

'Bobs' Influence on Hairstyles

Even today, the legacy of 'bobs' endures in the world of hairstyles. The term 'bobs' continues to be used to describe variations of short, stylish haircuts. The bob remains a classic and timeless choice, providing individuals with a fashionable and versatile option. 'Bobs' have transcended their origins and have become an enduring symbol of confidence, individuality, and empowerment.

Did you know?

Did you know that Bob, besides being a popular name, is also an English verb meaning 'to move up and down', and it's been around since the 14th century! Talk about versatility!


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