National Boba Day

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Who knew that those chewy, delicious pearls at the bottom of your tea had a day dedicated to them! National Boba day is celebrated with joy and slurping by bubble tea lovers around the globe. Pull up a straw, as we dive into the internet history of National Boba Day!

When is Boba Day?

It's national boba day on the 1st May.

Glance at the Journey of National Boba Day

National Boba Day, honouring the sweet, chewable joy that bubbles at the bottom of our favourite tea, emerged in the virtual sphere with 2111 mentions. The bubbliest attention, pardon the pun, was noticed on the 1st of May, 2019. Not coincidentally, this happens to be the official National Boba Day, a day your taste buds mark with a double underline!

Why May 1st, you ask?

Well, the reasoning behind choosing this day is as clear as a freshly brewed cup of bubble tea - it’s extraordinarily arbitrary. It's like they picked a day out of the hat and voila! But, who needs a reason when every day can be a boba day?!

The Crackling Boba Phenomenon

For those novice tea enthusiasts, 'boba', originally from Taiwan, refers to the tantalizing tapioca pearls that elevate regular tea to a fun and playful experience. Boba has bubbled up into mainstream food culture, dominating Instagram feeds, and has even bobbed up in various spin-offs like boba pizza and boba ice-cream. It's a worldwide trend, and National Boba Day encapsulates this love for all things boba.

Sweet Sips of Celebration

On National Boba Day, tea connoisseurs and sweet-toothed individuals alike relish in the joy of this chewy delight. Special discounts, new flavours, street fairs and even DIY boba-making workshops light up the day. It's a day where one can unapologetically sip, relish and repeat!

Did you know?

Did You Know that 'Boba' in Cantonese slang translates to 'large breasts'? Initially, the tea was called 'Bubble Tea' referring to the froth formed by shaking the tea. But, the cheeky wordplay has resulted in Boba gets all the laughs and love!


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1st May 2019

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