National Blanket Day

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Grab your favorite blankie, it's time to snuggle up and learn about National Blanket Day! Just in time for the colder months and let's be honest, who doesn't love an excuse to wrap themselves in a soft, cozy comforter and learn about a fun national day.

When is Blanket Day?

It's national blanket day on the 12th November.

A Brief Overview

Our analysis detected 9 enthusiastic mentions of National Blanket Day online. The most notable wave of blanket admiration took place on November 12, 2015. No surprises there really - it's probably the perfect weather for hugging your favorite throw.

What's It All About?

National Blanket Day isn’t about staying in bed all day, (although we wouldn’t judge you if you did). It's about celebrating the cozy comfort these magical fabric rectangles bring, from swaddling newborns to providing a perfect picnic surface.

Surely Not A Serious National Day?

Oh, but it is! And thank heavens for it! Imagine a world without blankets? No movie night snuggled under a fleece throw, no comfy afghans knitted by grandma, no quilted bed spreads to keep us warm at night. The horror!

Can I Celebrate?

Heck yes! Pop on over to your favorite blanket retailer, or rummage about your closet and shower some love on your blankets. Better yet, donate blankets to a local homeless shelter, spread the warmth both literally and figuratively.

Full Circle

So pop on a toasty pair of socks, brew a warm beverage and celebrate National Blanket Day. After reading up on this unique national day, we hope you see your blanket in a new light. It’s not just another household item, but a symbol of comfort, nostalgia, and warmth.

History behind the term 'Blanket'


Origin of the term 'blanket'

The term 'blanket' finds its roots in Old French, derived from the word 'blanc', meaning white. It was used to describe a large piece of wool or cloth that was primarily white in color and used to cover or protect oneself from the cold.

15th century

Evolution of blanket making

During the 15th century, the art of blanket making flourished. Blankets were often handwoven using various materials such as wool, linen, and cotton. They gained popularity as a versatile and essential item for everyday use, providing warmth and comfort during chilly seasons.

17th century

Introduction of 'blankets' to Native Americans

In the 17th century, European settlers introduced 'blankets' to Native Americans through trade and commerce. Blankets became an important commodity in the fur trade, used for bartering and establishing diplomatic relations with indigenous tribes. This exchange played a significant role in cultural interactions between the settlers and Native Americans.

19th century

Industrial revolution and mass production

With the advent of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the production of blankets underwent a major transformation. Mechanized looms and textile factories allowed for mass production, making blankets more accessible to a wider population. This led to a significant increase in blanket usage and affordability.

20th century

Variety and modernization

Throughout the 20th century, the blanket industry witnessed innovation and diversification. New materials such as synthetic fibers, like polyester and acrylic, were introduced, offering different qualities and textures. Electric blankets also became popular, providing adjustable warmth and comfort at the touch of a button.

Present day

Cultural significance and diversity

Blankets continue to hold cultural significance in various societies worldwide. They represent comfort, coziness, and security. From traditional woven blankets in different patterns and designs to modern luxurious throws, blankets have become an expression of personal style and a staple in home decor. They are also associated with warmth, both physical and emotional, symbolizing comfort and protection.

Did you know?

Did you know weighted blankets can help reduce anxiety, and improve sleep? Sounds like the perfect excuse to buy another blanket!


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