National Blanket Fort Day

Young at heart, embrace your inner child by building a cozy, homemade architecture blanket fort. Inspiring creativity in a whimsical living room scene with plush toys and fairy lights..
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Brace yourself for a trip down memory lane as we delve into the cozy world of National Blanket Fort Day. Perfect for those both young at heart and the wee-little ones, this day is all about embracing your inner child, creativity, and the art of homemade architecture!

When is Blanket Fort Day?

It's national blanket fort day on the 6th December.

A Short Stroll Down Memory Lane

Remember those rainy Saturday afternoons when you were a kid, transforming the living room into a magical fortress of blankets and pillows? Well, folks, there's a day dedicated to relive that nostalgia called the National Blanket Fort Day. Its internet history, though young, is genuinely heartwarming.

When it all started!

While we detected a mere four online mentions of this day, it's clear that the idea has been well-received. It seems the most mentions of National Blanket Fort Day blipped onto our internet holiday radar on December 6, 2015. Not sure if it had a connection with the winter holidays or if people were escaping their end-of-the-year chores in blanket bunker, but hey, who needs an excuse to build a blanket fort!

The Day's Significance

In an increasingly digital world, National Blanket Fort Day is a fun and authentic step back in time. It gives us an excuse to use our hands for more than tapping screens, to unleash our creativity, and most importantly, to make priceless memories with loved ones. So, go ahead, dust off those blankets, call your friends, let your creativity run wild and relive the innocent joy of your childhood days.

History behind the term 'Blanket Fort'


The Primitive Beginnings

In the year 1990, the term 'blanket fort' started to gain popularity as a way for children to create a private space using blankets. Kids would drape blankets over furniture or create a tent-like structure to create their own cozy hideout. This simple concept laid the foundation for what would become a beloved childhood pastime.


The Internet Phenomenon

Around the year 2005, the internet played a significant role in popularizing the term 'blanket fort'. Online forums and social media platforms became hubs for users to share pictures and stories of their elaborate blanket fort creations. This led to an explosion of creativity as people started experimenting with different designs, using various household items to construct their forts.


Blanket Forts in Pop Culture

By the year 2010, blanket forts had become a prominent feature in pop culture. Television shows, movies, and even commercials began showcasing characters building blanket forts. This further solidified the term in the public consciousness, making it a recognizable symbol of childhood imagination and nostalgia.


The Great Blanket Fort Challenge

In 2015, a trend called 'The Great Blanket Fort Challenge' started to gain traction on social media platforms. People would compete to build the most impressive blanket forts, showcasing their creativity and engineering skills. This viral trend not only increased the popularity of blanket forts but also encouraged people of all ages to relive their childhood and embrace their playful side.


Blanket Forts During the Pandemic

In recent years, blanket forts have experienced a resurgence in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With people spending more time at home, blanket forts have become a fun and cozy activity for families and individuals alike. They provide a sense of comfort and escapism during times of uncertainty, reminding us of the power of imagination and creativity to bring joy in challenging circumstances.

Present Day

Blanket Forts as a Symbol of Nostalgia

Today, the term 'blanket fort' continues to evoke feelings of nostalgia and whimsy. It represents a time of innocence and imagination, where simple household items can transform into magical spaces. Whether it's a favorite childhood memory or a current source of comfort, blanket forts hold a special place in many people's hearts, reminding us to embrace our inner child and find joy in the simplest of pleasures.

Did you know?

Did you know that building blanket forts is not just fun and games? It actually can help enhance children's spatial reasoning and engineering skills. Now that's a fort-full of fun and learning!


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6th December 2015

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