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Whoa, not so fast! Put the blush away - we're not talking about a National 'Put Your Bikini On' Day. We're here to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of that famous attire known as the bikini. Yes, there's a day for that too, and it's as sun-soaked as you'd imagine.

When is Bikini Day?

It's national bikini day on the 5th July.

The Dawn of the Bikini Era

If you thought the '90s brought the bikini revolution, let me take you even further back - to 1946. That's when French fashion designer Louis Reard revealed the world's smallest swimsuit, a piece he boldly named 'bikini'. So why 5th July, you ask? Well, it's the exact date when his model donned the skimpy two-piece on a sun-baked Parisian poolside. Hence, every year, National Bikini Day reminds us of this daring and eye-catching invention.

Did We Break the Internet?

Just like the original bikini, our internet data made quite a splash too. In 2019, on July 5th, we recorded a high peak of 20961 mentions of National Bikini Day – which tells you how much this day resonates with our fellow internet citizens. It's surely a day that's captured the online world’s fascination. Or perhaps it's all just a perfect excuse to flaunt those summer vacation photos - we'll never know!

The Underlying Freedom

Okay, let's get serious for a moment here. While fun and beach-bound, National Bikini Day also symbolizes a historical shift. The invention of the bikini was monumental in fashion, marking a step towards body acceptance and female empowerment. National Bikini Day is not just a frivolous occasion, but a celebration of this breakthrough. So here's a toast to every bikini that's ever helped a girl find her sunshine!

History behind the term 'Bikini'


The Birth of the Bikini

The term 'bikini' was first introduced by French automotive engineer and designer Louis Réard in 1946. He named it after the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, where the United States had recently conducted nuclear tests. The small two-piece swimsuit was scandalously revealing for its time, challenging the conservative views on swimwear.


Bikini Enters Popular Culture

In the 1950s, the bikini started to gain popularity in movies and mainstream media. Actresses like Brigitte Bardot and Ursula Andress donned bikinis, contributing to its cultural acceptance. It was during this decade that the bikini became a symbol of liberation and female empowerment.


The Bikini Goes High Fashion

The bikini became a prominent feature in the world of high fashion in 1964 when fashion designer Rudi Gernreich introduced the 'monokini.' This one-piece swimsuit consisted of only briefs, leaving the top part exposed. The monokini challenged social norms and pushed boundaries in the fashion industry.


The Rise of the Micro Bikini

In 1997, the micro bikini, also known as the 'tiny bikini' or 'mini bikini,' gained popularity. This extremely revealing swimwear highlighted minimal coverage, with smaller-than-ever tops and bottoms. Celebrities and models embraced the micro bikini, cementing its status as a daring and provocative style of swimwear.


Bikini Fashion Evolution

In the 2000s, the bikini underwent various transformations, catering to different fashion trends. From string bikinis to bandeau tops and high-waisted bottoms, designers continuously reinvented the bikini to suit evolving tastes. The bikini became an essential aspect of beachwear and swim fashion, embodying both style and confidence.

Did you know?

Did you know, the bikini's name is derived from Bikini Atoll, the site of nuclear test explosions during the time the swimsuit was invented, metaphorically signifying a comparable 'explosive' effect on the fashion scene.


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