National Big Forehead Day

A diverse group of people with big foreheads, including individuals with different hairstyles and fashion styles, standing against a backdrop of a colorful cityscape. Some are wearing trendy hats, while others showcase their unique sense of style with bold accessories. The scene reflects the celebration of National Big Forehead Day, promoting inclusivity and embracing the beauty of diverse features..
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Swipe across that perfect, polished surface and let's talk about a very unique and special day - National Big Forehead Day! Often mistaken for the landing strip of an extraterrestrial craft, big foreheads indeed hold an exclusive spot in the world of beauty, brains, and brevity. This day symbolizes self-love and acceptance; it's really all about embracing the 'fivehead' magic!

When is Big Forehead Day?

It's national big forehead day on the 2nd August.

How the day came into being

The rise of National Big Forehead Day is truly a testament to the evolution of beauty standards and embracing one's unique traits. Internet mentions of the day have been spiraling positively, with a peak on 2nd August 2020. Could it be the day aliens tried to land? Well, we don't have evidence to support that, but it certainly marked the zenith of forehead celebration on the web.

The beauty of big foreheads

Big foreheads, often playfully known as 'fiveheads', have been the hallmark of distinguished individuals across times. Think Elvis Presley, Rihanna, or Peyton Manning, their broad foreheads were, or are, their crowning glory!

Embrace and shine celebration

Whether you own a big forehead or know someone who does, National Big Forehead Day is the perfect chance to share some love and positivity. It's about altering the 'ideal beauty' stereotypes and embracing diversity in appearance for a more inclusive and accepting society.

History behind the term 'Big Forehead'


The Early Usage

The term 'big forehead' first emerged in the 1920s as a colloquialism to describe individuals with prominently large foreheads. It was often used as a playful or lighthearted comment, highlighting a unique physical characteristic.


Pop Culture References

During the 1950s, the term 'big forehead' began to gain attention in popular culture. It was used in comedic routines, films, and television shows, often for comedic effect or to mock characters with exaggerated physical attributes. This helped solidify 'big forehead' as a term that reflected certain physical archetypes.


Physical Appearance and Beauty Standards

In the 1980s, discussions surrounding physical appearance and beauty standards became more prevalent in mainstream media. The term 'big forehead' started to take on negative connotations, as it became associated with judgments about attractiveness and proportionality. This societal shift brought more attention to the term's impact on self-esteem and body image.


Internet Memes and Acceptance

With the rise of internet culture in the 2000s, 'big forehead' gained new life as an internet meme. Online communities often utilized humor to reclaim the term and mitigate its negative implications. This allowed individuals to embrace and celebrate their unique physical features, promoting body positivity and self-acceptance.

Present Day

Cultural Understanding and Empathy

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on cultural understanding and empathy. The term 'big forehead' now holds less derogatory meaning and is gradually being recognized as both a physical characteristic and a personal choice. This shift reflects a broader societal acknowledgment of diverse beauty ideals and the importance of body positivity.

Did you know?

The term 'fivehead' is derived from the common saying 'fourhead', or 'forehead'. When people believed their forehead was more than four fingers wide, the term 'fivehead' was playfully coined!


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2nd August 2020

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