National Bestfriends Day

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Who needs superheroes when you have a best friend, right? Well, this heroic companionship deserves a national holiday, don't you think? Mark your calendars, my friend-loving friend, because we're delving into the delightful and appreciative world of National Best Friends Day.

When is Bestfriends Day?

It's national bestfriends day on the 8th June.

A Day to Celebrate our Everyday Heroes

Whether cheering us on during our highest highs or providing comfort during our lowest lows, our best friends are a stalwart presence in our lives. Every 8th of June, we celebrate National Best Friends Day, a day designed just for these superheroes. The internet has been ablaze with mentions of this day, with a whopping 67496 mentions online. In 2016, the web nearly broke (not really, but we can dream) with the highest number of mentions on 8th June. It seems the love people hold for their best buddies is indeed immense!

A Brief History: The Birth of National Best Friends Day

The origins of National Best Friends Day are a little murky, just like the memories of some of your funniest friend escapades, I'm sure! But nevertheless, the appreciation for our companions constituted a remarkable milestone in the world of national days, stamping 8th June on the calendar for good measure. This ingenious creation is believed to have been brought to life in the United States but has since stretched its friendly tendrils worldwide, embracing all loyal companions, whether two-legged or four!

A Day of Remembrance and Joy

National Best Friends Day is not just about tagging your bestie on a Facebook post or tweeting a heart emoji (although, who doesn't love those!). It's a day of reflection and appreciation for the relationships that have helped us grow. Chocolates, personalized gifts, shared meals, or a simple heartfelt conversation can work their magic on this day.

In Conclusion

With this, we bid you an early happy National Best Friends Day! Now, don't forget to show some love and gratitude for your best pal. After all, what would we do in a world without best friends?

History behind the term 'Bestfriends'


Origins of 'best friend'

'Best friend' is a term that originated in the early 1900s. The term refers to a person whom one holds a deep and strong affection for, usually with a long-lasting and close bond. It is believed to have stemmed from the earlier term 'close friend,' which was used to describe a person with whom one shared a special connection.


The Rise of the Term 'Bestie'

In the 1920s, a shorter and more informal version of 'best friend' emerged – 'bestie.' This term, derived from 'best friend,' became popular among younger generations, especially as a slang term used to express a close friendship. 'Bestie' added a playful and endearing element to the concept of a close friend.


The Popularity of 'BFF'

In the 1970s, a new abbreviation gained traction to refer to 'best friends forever' – 'BFF.' It quickly became popular among teenagers and young adults, especially as a way to symbolize a lifelong friendship. 'BFF' started being used both in spoken conversations and written communications, becoming a widely recognized term.


Social Media Influence

With the rise of social media platforms in the early 2000s, the term 'best friend' began to play a significant role in online interactions. People started publicly declaring their 'best friends' on platforms like MySpace, Facebook, and Instagram, often accompanied by photos or heartfelt captions. The concept of 'best friends' expanded into an online expression of loyalty and connection.


Inclusive Interpretation

In the present day, the meaning of 'best friends' has broadened to include a diverse range of relationships. It can refer to a close friendship between two individuals of any gender, or even a group of friends known as a 'squad.' The term has become a common phrase in everyday conversations, symbolizing the importance of strong and cherished bonds.

Did you know?

Did you know that on National Best Friends Day 2016, the internet was flooded with friendly love, recording the highest number of online mentions to date for this festive day? So much love going around!


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