National Bestfriend Day

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On the glorious day of National Best Friend Day, the internet lights up with a digital equivalent of a global group hug. With around 301,945 mentions online, it's clear to see that this is a day that all the buddy-duos online can't help but share their excitement about!

When is Bestfriend Day?

It's national bestfriend day on the 9th June.

Background of Best Friend Day

Although the day might sound like a creation of savvy internet marketers, National Best Friend Day has actually been celebrated since the year 1935. It was originally promoted by the U.S Congress as a day to honor and celebrate the close bonds between friends and the central role they play in our wellbeing.

Internet’s Role in Celebrating Best Friend Day

Fast forward to the digital era where everything finds a home online, National Best Friend Day took a big leap from humble greeting cards to vibrant social media posts. In the online space, this day was most loudly cheered on 9th June 2016, with mentions hitting an all-time high. After all, today, love among friends is not confirmed until it's publicly announced on social media, right?

The Importance of Having a Best Friend

Best friends add immeasurable joy to our lives. They are our partners-in-crime, our shoulder to cry upon, our most patient therapists, and our cheapest stylists. And nothing says 'I celebrate our bond' more than hundreds of posts, tweets, shares, and hashtags on the internet during National Best Friend Day.

Celebrating this Day the Digital Way

From sharing flashback photos highlighted with embarrassing hairstyles to making hilarious TikTok videos together, the internet is chock-full of ways to make your bestie feel special on this day. So, why not start drafting that heartfelt Instagram caption or that hilarious Tweet while you're still here?


So, there you have it folks. The digital history of National Best Friend Day wrapped up in a neat little bow for you. Now, go text your best friend and let them know you're thinking about them!

History behind the term 'Bestfriend'


The Invention of the Term

The term 'best friend' was first recorded in writing in 1839 by a British author named Frederick Marryat. In his novel 'Jacob Faithful,' he used the term to describe a close and trusted friend of the main character.


Popularization of the Term

During the 1870s, the term 'best friend' gained popularity among English speakers. It became widely used to signify an individual's closest and most trusted friend, someone with whom they shared a deep bond and a high level of companionship.


Embracing the Term

In the 1920s, particularly in American culture, the term 'best friend' became commonplace. People started using it to refer to their closest and most cherished friend, emphasizing the special bond and mutual understanding they shared.


Friendship Symbolism

During the 1940s, the concept of a 'best friend' took on a symbolic meaning in popular culture. Movies and literature often portrayed the importance of having a loyal, supportive, and dedicated companion, leading to an increased romanticization of the term.


Official Recognition

The term 'best friend' became officially recognized and celebrated on June 8, 1987, when the United States Congress designated it as National Best Friends Day. This day serves as a reminder to appreciate and honor our closest friendships.


Continued Significance

Today, the term 'best friend' remains deeply ingrained in our culture. It represents a special and irreplaceable bond between people, often characterized by loyalty, trust, and unwavering support. Best friends are cherished for their companionship and their ability to provide comfort, laughter, and understanding.

Did you know?

Did you know the most mentioned day for National Best Friend Day in our data was 9th June 2016? I guess everyone was feeling particularly friendly!


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