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Hey there, all you best friends out there! Get ready to celebrate because it's National Best Friend Day! It's the perfect day to show some love and appreciation to your BFF by doing something special together. Whether you're attached at the hip or separated by distance, this is the day to make your bestie feel extra special. So, let's dive into the history of this wonderful day and discover why it's worth celebrating!

When is Bestfriend Best Friend Day?

It's national bestfriend best friend day on the 11th June.

The Birth of National Best Friend Day

Did you know that the concept of Best Friends dates back to ancient times? Yep, even those Greek philosophers, Aristotle and Plato, recognized the importance of this special bond. But the official National Best Friend Day as we know it today didn't emerge until much later. It was during the early days of the internet when people started connecting and forming friendships online that the idea for this day took root.

Back in the early 2000s, as the internet was booming, online communities and social media platforms started to gain popularity. People from all walks of life were finding their people, their kindred spirits, and their best friends online. It quickly became clear that these digital friendships were just as valid and meaningful as those formed in the physical world. And so, National Best Friend Day was born to celebrate the joy and connection found through the internet.

How to Celebrate National Best Friend Day

Now that you know the back story, let's talk about how to celebrate this fantastic day. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Plan a surprise meet-up if you live close to each other. There's nothing more exciting than seeing your best friend's face light up unexpectedly.
  2. If distance separates you, hop on a video call and have a virtual hangout. It's almost like being together in person!
  3. Plan a fun day out together. Go on an adventure, try out a new restaurant, or hit up your favorite spots.
  4. Take a trip down memory lane by looking through old photos or watching your favorite movies or TV shows together.
  5. Create a unique gift or craft for your bestie to show your appreciation. Homemade gifts are always the best!

Did You Know?

In the spirit of friendship, did you know that there's a town in Indiana, Aptly named 'Friendship', it takes the bond seriously? This town even has a Friendship monument dedicated to the great friends of the world. Isn't that sweet?

History behind the term 'Bestfriend Best Friend'


Emergence of 'best friend'

The term 'best friend' first appeared in the early 20th century and was used to describe a person's closest and most trusted friend. It was commonly used to signify a deep emotional bond and the highest level of friendship.


Popularization of 'bestie'

In the 1980s, a new term derived from 'best friend' emerged: 'bestie'. This catchy and informal term became popular among teenagers and young adults, representing a close friendship and a person with whom one shares a special connection.


Introduction of 'bestfriend best friend'

With the rise of social media and the desire to emphasize the significance of a best friend, the term 'bestfriend best friend' started to be used around 2009. It refers to a distinguishable level of friendship that surpasses the traditional 'best friend' status. It signifies an unbreakable bond, loyalty, and a deep connection that goes beyond ordinary friendships.


Spread of 'bestfriend best friend' on social media

The term 'bestfriend best friend' gained momentum in the digital age with the immense growth of social media platforms. It became a popular hashtag, allowing individuals to express their appreciation for their closest friends publicly. Users would post photos, messages, and stories about their 'bestfriend best friend' to celebrate and honor the strength of their relationship.


Continued relevance and cultural impact

Today, 'bestfriend best friend' continues to be used as a term to describe an extraordinary bond between two individuals. It represents the deep connection and emotional support that can be found in true friendship. The term has become embedded in the cultural lexicon, symbolizing the importance of having a trusted confidant and companion in life.

Did you know?

Did you know that there's a town in Indiana named 'Friendship' that takes the bond of friendship so seriously that it even has a monument dedicated to great friends? Now that's what we call #friendshipgoals!


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