National Bagel Day

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Whoa, there! Brace yourself for some delicious digital cream cheese, because it looks like you've accidentally stumbled on the intriguing saga of none other than National Bagel Day (also lovingly termed the party of the pastry). This sacred day started slicing its way through internet history like a hot knife through...well...a fresh bagel! Excited? Don't knead your feelings, let's loaf together and explore the online journey of this day.

When is Bagel Day?

It's national bagel day on the 15th January.

The Bit Sized History

Gazed upon by 7895 online mentions, National Bagel Day truly turned out to be the upper crust of Internet trends. But this didn't just happen overnight, much like the art of bagel making itself, it took time to rise. Cue the drum roll, the pinnacle of its popularity soared on January 15, 2020. The internet, like a competent baker, rolled out some seriously dough-lightful content on this day about our carb-heavy hero - the bagel.

The Circular Celebrity

But what's that you say? What's so special about these doughnut-looking decoys? Oh dear reader, you clearly have not yet experienced the joy that is the edible embodiment of a breakfast hug – the bagel. Bagels are like the O's of happiness, the zero regrets about that extra cream cheese. On National Bagel Day, people across the internet unite to cerebrate (bread pun!) these until now unsung heroes of the breakfast world.

Internet's Gluten for Punishment

But let's not forget the real stars of the day, the internet users. With their hearty appetite for fun, they made National Bagel Day a trend that refused to go stale. From puns ('carbs against humanity', anyone?), to memes that made you want to roll on the floor bursting with laughter, they did it all. They didn't loaf around, they really spread the fun!


So, there you have it. National Bagel Day, once a tiny sesame seed in the vast digital garden, has now sprouted to become one of our favourite toasted topics. Whether you're team plain bagel or team everything bagel, there's a place for you in this circular journey. So, before you bag-el out of here, remember to mark your calendars for this truly rolling holiday.

History behind the term 'Bagel'


Bagels come to America

Bagels were brought to America by Polish-Jewish immigrants in 1683. The immigrants settled in New York City, which quickly became a hub for bagel making. At this time, bagels were still relatively unknown outside of Jewish communities.


The birth of the bagel machine

In 1907, a man named Joseph Biebricher invented the first bagel machine. This machine automated the bagel-making process, allowing for faster production. It used a system of rollers and cutters to shape the dough into perfect rings. The bagel machine revolutionized the bagel industry and made them more accessible to a wider audience.


The spread of bagel shops

The 1960s saw a significant rise in the popularity of bagels outside of Jewish communities. This was largely due to the growth of bagel shops, like the famous H&H Bagels in New York City, which became icons of the bagel culture. Bagels became a trendy food choice, attracting customers from all walks of life.


Bagels go nationwide

In the 1970s, bagels went from being a regional specialty to a nationwide phenomenon. This was largely driven by the expansion of bagel chains such as Bruegger's Bagels and Einstein Bros. Bagels. These chains standardized and popularized bagels across the country, making them a staple breakfast item for many Americans.


The National Bagel Day

National Bagel Day was established in 2008 to celebrate the beloved round bread roll. It is observed annually on January 15th. This day is a reminder of the bagel's rich history and its journey from a traditional Jewish food to a beloved breakfast staple enjoyed by people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Did you know?

Did you know that the bagel's hole isn't just for fancy, but serves a practical purpose? In the early days, they were threaded onto wooden dowels and sold on the streets. Talk about a walk-in pantry!


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