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Think back to your school day algebra lessons. Do you remember the mysterious 'b' that often appeared in equations? Whether it brought out the genius mathematician within you, or led you to contemplate on a career change (despite being a middle-schooler), it turns out 'b' even has a day to its credit. Welcome to the wild and whimsical world of National b Day, which boasts 2099 mentions online and witnessed a staggering upsurge on 6th May 2017. Get ready to step into the world of all things 'b'.

When is B Day?

It's national b day on the 6th May.

A Day for 'b'

Some say it's a nod to the quadratic equation, others believe it honors the intellectual love for 'b'. Is there really a National b Day? Absolutely! And the internet loves it, with 2099 mentions and counting.

Believe it or not, the most mentions were recorded on 6th May 2017. Could it have been a secret gathering of algebra enthusiasts that went viral around the globe? One could only guess.

The Upsurge of 'b'

Why was 6th May 2017 so phenomenal? Some sleuthing around could lead us to a math symposium, an equation-loving celebrity's birthday, or maybe, just maybe, someone let slip how 'b' really helps ascertain the equation of a straight line (work it, you slope-intercept strategy!)

Beyond 'b'

Whatever the origin, National b Day has indeed brought 'b' to the limelight. While much of the 'b' focus naturally gravitates towards the realm of academia and intellectual musings, its subtle references could extend across fields – from stumping batters in baseball to getting finances in the black, even all the way to quoting Shakespeare's 'to be or not to be' in theatre circles.

Celebrating National b Day

So how does one honor this unusual tribute to 'b'? From solving algebra problems (#notjustfornerds) to hosting a 'b' themed fancy dress party, the possibilities are endless. B burgers and B movies, anyone? Remember, make it as unique and creative as the letter 'b' itself!

History behind the term 'B'


Invention of the letter 'b'

The letter 'b' was invented in 1568 by French printer and scholar, Robert Estienne. He introduced the letter to represent a voiced bilabial stop in phonetics. Prior to this invention, the sound was denoted using different combinations of letters. The letter 'b' quickly gained popularity and found its way into various languages.


Spread to English language

During the early 17th century, the letter 'b' made its way into the English language. It became part of the standard English alphabet and took its place between 'a' and 'c'. With its distinct sound, 'b' added another dimension to the phonetic representation of English words. This made the language more versatile and expressive.


Introduction of the phonetic symbol [b]

In 1928, the International Phonetic Association (IPA) officially introduced the phonetic symbol [b] to represent the voiced bilabial stop sound associated with the letter 'b'. Phonetics is a field of study that deals with the physical sounds of human speech. The inclusion of [b] in the IPA chart helped establish a universal standard for representing sounds in different languages.


Adoption of 'b' in ASCII

The American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) was developed in the early 1960s to standardize character encoding for electronic communication. In 1935, 'b' was included as one of the characters in the ASCII system. This allowed computers and digital devices to represent and process the letter 'b', enabling its use in programming languages, text documents, and data storage.


Ubiquitous presence in modern world

Today, the letter 'b' is an integral part of written and spoken language worldwide. Its presence is ubiquitous, appearing in countless words, names, and brands. From books and articles to signs and logos, 'b' is everywhere. Its iconic shape and distinctive sound make it instantly recognizable, serving as a fundamental building block of communication in various domains.

Did you know?

Did you know? 'b' is also known for its unique role in the quadratic formula, something many students recall using the humorous mnemonic 'b± √busted 4ac over 2a'.


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