National Avocado Day

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Do you hear that? It's the sound of chips meeting their perfect dip partner, toast topping their favorite butter substitute, and salads calling for a healthy twist. Yes, you guessed it, we're talking about National Avocado Day! This day had quite the frenzy on July 31, 2018, with 22,972 mentions online; the avocado fan base is no small potatoes!

When is Avocado Day?

It's national avocado day on the 31st July.

Where did National Avocado Day Come From?

No, it didn't sprout from an avocado pit left in water (although that would've been quite the story). National Avocado Day is considered a 'food holiday', and like many food holidays, its origins are a little foggy - just like a perfectly ripe avocado. What we do know is that it serves to celebrate that buggy-shaped, green-fleshed fruit (yes, it's a fruit) that we've all come to know and love.

Rise of The Avocado Enthusiasm

Unofficially, the glory moment of National Avocado Day happened on July 31, 2018, when it clocked 22,972 mentions online. We assume this was when avocado lovers worldwide decided to truly express their adoration for the fruit.

Celebrating National Avocado Day

How does one celebrate National Avocado Day? The possibilities stretch as far as your avocado-loving imagination allows. Maybe an avocado toast for breakfast, a nice guacamole for snack, or perhaps a balanced salad with avocado slices for lunch? Healthy, delicious, and apart from it's playfully mockable hipster cred, it's easy to understand why avocados have won so many hearts - or stomachs.

History behind the term 'Avocado'


The Discovery

In 1519, Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés encountered the avocado fruit for the first time during his exploration of Mexico. The Aztecs, who called it 'ahuacatl,' considered the avocado to be a luxurious and aphrodisiacal food.


English Introduction

Almost a century later, in 1601, the avocado made its way to England. The English explorer Sir John Hawkins brought the avocado back from Mexico, and it was initially referred to as an 'alligator pear' due to its green, scaly skin and pear-like shape.


Avocado as a Commercial Crop

The avocado started gaining popularity as a commercial crop in California in the early 20th century. In 1915, the first commercial avocado grove was established in California, marking the beginning of the avocado industry in the United States.


Avocado Becomes the Official Name

In 1927, the 'alligator pear' was officially renamed as 'avocado' to overcome consumer confusion and create a marketable name. The new name was chosen to be simpler and more appealing to the American public.


Rising Popularity

During the 1950s, the avocado gained widespread popularity in the United States. It became a popular ingredient in salads, and its creamy texture and healthy fat content made it a sought-after addition to various dishes.

Did you know?

Avocado trees do not self-pollinate; they need another avocado tree close by to bear fruit. It's the love story of the fruit world!


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