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Take cover! It's time for us to blast off into the explosive world of National Arsenal Day. Hop in our time machine as we journey back to catch the virtual echoes of the 3229 mentions that peppered the internet like artillery fire, peaking on May 04, 2017. PS: This article is less about guns and more about fun!

When is Arsenal Day?

It's national arsenal day on the 4th May.

A Salute to National Arsenal Day

What happens when you combine passion for history, a smidgen of martial jargon, and the expansive wild wild web? You get National Arsenal Day, enough firepower to light up your day! The origins of this day are as enigmatic and intriguing as the whispers of an undercover agent. Armed with just little more than the 3229 mentions online, we've embarked on a mission to unfold its unique story, Please don’t mistaken us for getting all riled up about artillery and weapons. National Arsenal Day is not about gunpowder and hand grenades (Now, doesn't that feel like a safety pin pulled from the grenade of your worries?) Yes, the word 'arsenal' here denotes more of a rich repository or a storehouse of fun-filled activities, shared memories and moments of unity that resonate with different people on different levels.

The Ground Zero: 04 May 2017

Mere scattered mentions on the internet tell us that the troop of National Arsenal Day enthusiasts marched to the peak on this destined day. Although the epilogue of this day is still being sketched, we took it upon ourselves to explore these digital footprints to help you experience the joy of celebrating something so remarkably niche.

The Frontline Fun

While this day does not ask you to wear a military uniform or practice a salute, it does encourage all of us to engage with each other, reminisce shared experiences or maybe host an 'arsenal of memories day'. Who says you can't have some fun while flaunting your military jargon, right?

History behind the term 'Arsenal'


Etymology: Arabic Origins

The term 'arsenal' finds its roots in the Arabic word 'dar as-sina`ah,' which means 'house of industry' or 'house of manufacture.' In the 16th century, this word made its way into various European languages, including Italian, French, and Spanish.


The Venetian Arsenal

The Venetian Arsenal, founded around 1104 in Venice, Italy, played a significant role in the development of the term 'arsenal.' It was a complex of shipyards and armories where ships were not only built but also supplied with weapons and other military equipment. The impressive scale and scope of the Venetian Arsenal made it famous throughout Europe, and the term 'arsenal' became commonly associated with large-scale manufacturing and storage of military supplies.


The Woolwich Arsenal

In 1671, the Royal Arsenal, later known as the Woolwich Arsenal, was established in southeast London, England. This vast military establishment became one of the most important arsenals in Britain. It became renowned for its manufacturing capabilities, producing various weapons and munitions for the British armed forces. The Woolwich Arsenal further solidified the association of the term 'arsenal' with military industrial production.


Expansion of the Term

By the late 18th century, the term 'arsenal' had expanded beyond its military context. It started to be used in a more general sense to describe any large-scale industrial facility or storage place for goods. This shift in meaning allowed for the term 'arsenal' to be applied to areas such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and even sports teams with an abundance of talented players.

Did you know?

The term 'arsenal' originated from the Arabic word 'daras-sina-a' which means 'house of manufacture' or 'factory'. This is way off from its popular military oriented interpretation!


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