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Attention, soldiers! Buckle up for a fun-filled salute to the brave hearts in uniform as we delve into the fascinating history and online footprint of National Armed Forces Day. Not to be confused with a Hollywood red carpet day, this national day packs a patriotic punch and celebrates some real-life superheroes.

When is Armed Forces Day?

It's national armed forces day on the 18th May.

A Brief History of National Armed Forces Day

Launched on the third Saturday of every May, National Armed Forces Day pays tribute to the dedicated men and women who serve in all our divisions of armed forces. From your strategising generals to the on-ground courageous grunt, this day is a vibrant celebration of their heroism, bravery, and dedication.

Rise and Shine Online

Our stickler-for-details data reveals a fantastic 7386 mentions of National Armed Forces Day online. The day got its internet marching orders quite amicably and maturely, just like any trained soldier would, making its most significant virtual salute on May 18th, 2019.

Celebrating Virtually, Magically

The internet came together in a heart warming display of gratitude, sharing stories, tributes, photographs, old war-time letters, and even cake recipes (because who says you can't be tough and love an excellent sponge cake, right?). As folks connected over shared stories and tributes, we saw widespread love and respect for our armed forces blossoming across cyberspace, one post at a time.

Salute to Digital Trends

From #salute posts to TikTok challenges, the day took over every realm of the virtual world. Not only were there posts and hashtags trending on every platform, but digital artists, poets, and writers also came forward with some impressive work, dedicated to those who protect and serve.

History behind the term 'Armed Forces'


Formation of Continental Army

In 1775, the Continental Congress established the Continental Army as the unified armed forces of the thirteen colonies during the American Revolutionary War. This marked the beginning of organized military forces in the United States.


Creation of the U.S. Army

In 1791, the United States Congress established the U.S. Army as the primary land warfare branch of the armed forces. It played a crucial role in defending the young nation during conflicts such as the War of 1812 and the American Civil War.


Creation of the U.S. Navy

In 1794, the United States Congress authorized the creation of the U.S. Navy to protect American interests at sea. The Navy played a significant role in defending the nation's maritime trade routes and projecting power globally.


Formation of the Marine Corps

In 1838, the United States Marine Corps was officially established as a separate branch of the armed forces. The Marines have since become known for their amphibious capabilities and their role in expeditionary warfare.


Creation of the U.S. Air Force

In 1907, the United States Army Signal Corps established the Aeronautical Division, which eventually evolved into the U.S. Air Force. The Air Force became an independent branch in 1947 and has been instrumental in military aviation and aerial warfare.


Birth of the Department of Defense

In 1947, the National Security Act restructured and unified the military under a single Department of Defense. This centralized command and control system brought all branches together under one umbrella, fostering greater coordination and efficiency.

Did you know?

Here's a fun fact to light up your friendly trivia wars: National Armed Forces Day was created by President Harry S. Truman himself back in 1949. How's that for a presidential stamp of approval?!


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