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Ever wondered why it's suddenly raining saplings on your social media on a random spring day? Well, perhaps we've uncovered a little bit of that mystery for you. Prepare to have your mind treemendously enriched because that, my friend, is National Arbor Day. A day where the internet is flooded with the wholesome good vibes of nature's skyscrapers!

When is Arbor Day?

It's national arbor day on the 24th April.

A Little Dig into the Roots

Arbor Day was conceived in Nebraska by J. Sterling Morton and officially established in 1872. Yet, the Internet has given Arbor Day a fresh bloom of life with over 4107 mentions just in our little corner of the web, reaching its peak sappiness on 24th April 2020. The Internet is absolutely rooting for Arbor Day!

A Tree-mendous Celebration

And how couldn’t it? On this day, people across the globe connect, sharing photos of their newly planted tree and inspire others to do the same. It's a day when we remember the importance of trees in our lives, the air we breathe, the shade they provide, and the undeniable beauty of a well-rooted oak.

Plant a Seed, Make a Difference

It may seem like dropping a seed in a pot isn’t exactly going to solve the world's environmental issues, but that’s where you’re wrong. Each new tree planted contributes to the sustainability and biodiversity of our lovely, leafy Earth. Plus, it encourages people to put down their phones and pick up a shovel. Now, that's what we call 'branching out'!

History behind the term 'Arbor'

1171 AD

The Introduction of the Term 'Arbor'

In the year 1171 AD, the term 'arbor' was introduced to the English language. Derived from the Latin word 'arbor', which means tree, this term came to be used to represent a structure that provides shade and support for climbing plants.

16th Century

Arbors in Medieval Gardens

During the 16th century, arbors gained popularity in medieval gardens across Europe. These structures were often made of wood or metal and served as a peaceful retreat where one could relax amidst the beauty of nature. Arbors were adorned with climbing plants like roses, ivy, and honeysuckle, adding to their visual appeal.

19th Century

Arbors as Architectural Elements

In the 19th century, arbors began to be incorporated as architectural elements in various types of buildings. Particularly in Victorian architecture, arbors were used to create charming entrances or decorative enhancements to gardens. The intricate designs and latticework seen in these structures showcased the craftsmanship of the era.

20th Century

Arbors in Literature and Art

The 20th century witnessed the integration of arbors into literature and art. Writers and artists found inspiration in the romantic notion of arbors as symbolic representations of tranquility and natural beauty. Famous works like 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett and various impressionist paintings featured arbors as central elements, immortalizing their significance.

Present Day

Arbors in Modern Gardens

In modern times, arbors continue to be cherished as essential features of gardens and outdoor spaces. With diverse materials such as wrought iron, bamboo, and even recycled materials, arbors have evolved in design and adaptability. They provide a picturesque focal point, support climbing plants, and offer a peaceful sanctuary for people to enjoy nature.

Did you know?

Did you know that the oldest tree on Earth, named Methuselah after the biblical figure, is estimated to be over 4,800 years old? That's a lot of Arbor Days!


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