National Anisette Day

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Ah, National Anisette Day! A day dedicated to celebrating the oh-so-delicious Anisette liqueur that brings joy and flavor to our lives. Get ready to raise your glasses and indulge in this aromatic and enticing spirit!

When is Anisette Day?

It's national anisette day on the 2nd July.

The Aromatic Journey of Anisette

It's time to embark on an aromatic journey into the world of Anisette. This delightful liqueur is crafted from the essential oil of anise seeds, which gives it its unique and refreshing flavor. With its licorice-like undertones and smooth finish, Anisette has won the hearts of many spirits enthusiasts.

Originally hailing from the Mediterranean region, Anisette has a rich history that dates back centuries. It all began with the discovery of anise plants and the experimentation with their seeds. Over time, various recipes and distillation techniques were perfected, leading to the creation of the beloved Anisette we know and love today.

Adding Anisette to your favorite cocktails or enjoying it neat is a fantastic way to enhance your taste buds' experience. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for mixologists and home bartenders alike.

Anisette: The Internet Sensation

In the digital age, Anisette has also made its presence known on the internet. There are countless websites, blogs, and social media posts dedicated to celebrating this enchanting liqueur. The online community has embraced Anisette with open arms, sharing recipes, cocktail creations, and anecdotes about their love affair with this delightful spirit.

On July 2nd, 2019, Anisette received an incredible 534 mentions online! It was a day filled with virtual toasts, cocktail experiments, and sharing of Anisette-related content. People couldn't get enough of its unique flavor and charming character. It truly was a day to be remembered in the annals of the internet.

History behind the term 'Anisette'


Anise Distillation Begins

In 1510, the distillation of anise, a flowering plant native to the eastern Mediterranean region, began. The sweet-smelling and licorice-flavored seeds of the anise plant were used to produce a flavorful and aromatic distilled spirit. This marked the first step towards the creation of anisette.

18th Century

Anise Spirits Gain Popularity

During the 18th century, anise spirits gained popularity across Europe, particularly in France and Italy. These spirits, also known as anis, were enjoyed for their distinct flavor and their ability to be used as an ingredient in various cocktails and culinary recipes. The growing demand for anise spirits laid the foundation for the eventual emergence of anisette.


Creation of Anisette

In 1813, François-Régis de Lacaze, a French distiller, created the first recipe for anisette. Lacaze combined anise-flavored spirits with additional ingredients such as sugar and water to produce a smooth and sweet liqueur with a pronounced anise flavor. His creation quickly gained popularity and became known as anisette, a term derived from the French word 'anis' meaning anise.

19th Century

Anisette's Rise in Popularity

Throughout the 19th century, anisette continued to gain popularity as a favored liqueur in France, Italy, and other European countries. It became a staple ingredient in traditional recipes like the French 'Le Flambé', a dessert consisting of anisette-soaked sponge cake topped with flaming sugar. Anisette's versatility and unique flavor profile contributed to its lasting cultural impact.

20th Century

Anisette Across Continents

In the 20th century, anisette transcended borders and found its way to various countries around the world. The strong influence of European immigrants introduced anisette to the Americas, where it became especially popular in Latin American and Caribbean cultures. Its distinct flavor and connection to traditional recipes influenced the local cuisine and cocktail culture, leaving a lasting imprint on these regions.

Did you know?

Did you know that Anisette was a favorite beverage among many famous artists, including Vincent van Gogh? Perhaps its alluring taste helped him paint his masterpieces with such passion and creativity!


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