National Ampersand Day

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Did you know that there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating the humble & symbol? Yes, my friends, it's National Ampersand Day! Prepare yourself for a delightful dive into the fascinating world of this compact little character that adds flair and style to our writing.

When is Ampersand Day?

It's national ampersand day on the 8th September.

The Origins of the Ampersand

The ampersand, also known as the 'and' symbol, has a long and storied history. Its roots can be traced back to ancient Rome, where it was originally a ligature of the letters 'e' and 't' (et in Latin), meaning 'and.'

Over time, this ligature evolved into the stylized symbol we know and love today. Its name, 'ampersand,' is derived from a corruption of the phrase 'and per se and.' Back in the day, when reciting the alphabet, the Latin phrase 'and per se and' was used to conclude the ampersand's place in the recitation.

A Versatile Symbol

The ampersand is a versatile little character that finds its way into many aspects of our lives. It lights up our text messages, spices up our business names, and adds a touch of playfulness to our social media posts.

On National Ampersand Day, people from all walks of life come together to celebrate and appreciate the unique contribution of this often-overlooked symbol. From writers and designers to typographers and language enthusiasts, everyone can join in the fun!

Celebrate in Style

Wondering how to celebrate this fantastic day? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Get creative with typography: Try your hand at designing an ampersand-inspired piece of artwork or create a unique ampersand logo.
  • Play with words: Challenge yourself to make sentences using as many ampersands as possible. It's a fun linguistic exercise!
  • Host an ampersand-themed party: Decorate your space with ampersand-shaped balloons, serve ampersand-shaped cookies, and get your guests in the mood to celebrate this unique symbol.
  • Spread the love: Share your favorite ampersand-inspired quotes or images on social media. You never know, you might inspire someone else to appreciate this fabulous symbol!

Did You Know?

The word 'ampersand' doesn't just have a fun origin; it has its own symbol as well! In some fonts, the ampersand is designed to resemble the letters 'et.' It's like a little nod to its ancient Roman roots, keeping the connection alive and well.

Did you know?

The word 'ampersand' doesn't just have a fun origin; it has its own symbol as well!


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