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Who knew almonds had their own day of fame? Well, they certainly do! And in the glorious annals of history, we’ve found that the 'nutty' celebration of National Almond Day has been turning heads and toasting nut-crackers for quite some time now.

When is Almond Day?

It's national almond day on the 16th February.

A Bit of History

Praise for the almond, a bite-sized powerhouse of nutrition, has been sung historically across cultures for thousands of years, but its special day has only recently captured the internet's attention. It seems National Almond Day has easily cracked its way into digital folklore.

The Internet Craze

Our data shows 3935 mentions of the day online, reaching a crescendo on February 16, 2017, where every Tom, Dick and Squirrel shared their favorite almond recipes and health benefits. The day might have started with a simple appreciation for the humble almond, but it seems the internet took it to new crunchy heights of celebration.

Reverence and Recipes

As the day rolled on, Instagrammers worldwide shared pics of their almond adorned dishes, YouTubers posted how-to videos on the making of almond milk, and Twitter lit up with the #NationalAlmondDay hashtag. A national day for almonds? Absolutely nuts!

A Nut Worth Celebrating

At the end of the day, it's just a fun way for people to express their fondness for this kernel, a salute to its nutritional benefits and surprisingly diverse use in both sweet and savory dishes. And while it might seem nutty to some, we say, long live National Almond Day!

History behind the term 'Almond'

3000 BC

Ancient Roots

Almonds have ancient roots dating back to 3000 BC, where evidence of their cultivation has been found in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. These early almond trees were likely domesticated from wild almond trees growing in the wild, and were valued for their nutritious nuts.

4th Century BC

Introduction to Greece

Almonds made their way to Greece in the 4th century BC, where they quickly gained popularity. Greek literature and mythology often mentioned almonds, associating them with fertility, beauty, and immortality. Almond trees were even planted in the ancient Athenian Acropolis.

100 AD

Roman Influence

With the expansion of the Roman Empire, almonds spread across Europe. Romans were particularly fond of almonds and incorporated them into their culinary practices. They used almonds in various dishes, including dessert recipes similar to modern-day marzipan.

700 AD

Islamic Advancement

During the Islamic Golden Age, the Arabic world played a significant role in advancing horticultural practices. Almonds were highly valued, and Arab farmers developed improved cultivation techniques, including grafting different almond varieties onto a single tree. Arab traders later introduced almonds to other parts of the world through their extensive trade networks.


Colonization and Expansion

During the colonization era, European explorers and settlers carried almond trees to the Americas and other parts of the world. Almonds thrived in the Mediterranean-like climates of California, becoming one of the state's primary agricultural crops. Today, California is the largest almond producer in the world.


Cultural Significance

Almonds continue to hold cultural significance around the globe. They are widely used in cooking, baking, and confectionery, adding a unique flavor and texture to various dishes. Almond milk, an alternative to dairy milk, has gained popularity as a plant-based milk substitute. Additionally, almonds are associated with health benefits due to their rich nutrient profile, including high levels of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins.

Did you know?

Did you know that almonds are actually seeds, not nuts? Talk about a serious identity crisis!


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