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There's a special day that celebrates all the Alishas out there, you bet and it’s called the National Alisha Day! Known for their warmth, charm, and lighting up the room with their name alone, Alisha is the star of the show on this day. So get ready to immerse yourself in the surprisingly rich history of this unique day.

When is Alisha Day?

It's national alisha day on the 20th March.

History of the National Alisha Day

The annual celebration of this charming day saw the peak of its popularity on the 20th of March, 2016, with a record-setting six mentions online that day. Alishas worldwide rejoiced at the recognition! The reason behind the inception of the National Alisha Day isn’t definitively known. There are whispers that it was first started by an Alisha's admirers who wanted to honour their friend's unique spirit and zest for life. But whatever the origins, this day is solely dedicated to acknowledging every Alisha's spark.

Celebrating National Alisha Day

The fun part of this day is the numerous ways it can be celebrated. Writing a note to your favourite Alisha expressing your appreciation, setting up an Alisha-themed party with friends and family (don't forget to invite all Alishas you know - the more, the merrier), or simply acknowledging an Alisha and her contributions in your life are popular ways of expressing admiration for Alishas on this day.


While National Alisha Day might not be a federal holiday or a day off work, it's definitely a day filled with warmth, appreciation, and happiness. So, here's wishing every Alisha, a very happy National Alisha Day! Keep shining bright, because on this day, you're the superstar!

History behind the term 'Alisha'


Origins of the name

The term 'alisha' finds its origins in ancient Arabic culture. It is believed to have been derived from the Arabic word 'al-aish,' which means life or sustenance. The name 'alisha' is thought to symbolize vitality, strength, and a zest for life.


Spread of the name

As Arabic culture spread across various regions and civilizations, the name 'alisha' gained popularity beyond its initial origins. It became a common name in many Middle Eastern countries, reflecting its cultural significance and the admiration for the qualities it represented.

19th century

Prominence in literature

During the 19th century, literature played a significant role in further popularizing the name 'alisha.' Many renowned Arabic writers and poets included the name in their works, praising its beauty and expressing its associations with vitality and prosperity. This literary prominence led to the name's recognition and resonance in society.

20th century

Globalization and adoption

With the advent of globalization in the 20th century, cultural exchange and migration allowed the name 'alisha' to transcend its original geographical boundaries. The name gained international appeal, and it started to be adopted by individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, attracted by its melodic sound and positive connotations.

Did you know?

Did you know? The name Alisha is of Sanskrit origin, meaning 'protected by God'. Isn’t that delightfully fascinating? It's no wonder Alishas are such special people!


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20th March 2016

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20th March 2016

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