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If there was ever a day to give Alex a hug, today is it - because we're toasting National Alex Day! This jovial occasion is very unique as it pays homage to all intrepid individuals named Alex (in all its variations) as recognized in cyberspace. So let's give a huge shout out to all the Alexes out there!

When is Alex Day?

It's national alex day on the 16th June.

A Day for Alex(es)!

While not officially recognized in the perpetual calendar of national holidays, thanks to the pulsating heart of the Internet, National Alex Day has made a stance. This Thursday extravaganza involves a celebration of all things 'Alex'. That's right, if your name is Alex, this is your day to rule! Better than a birthday, right?

The Rise of National Alex Day

On 16 Jun 2017, the web went Alex crazy. According to our fascinating data wizards, they recorded a whopping 446 mentions of the day. That's an awful lot of Alex love! So why all the fuss over the name Alex you ask? Well, it's the Internet, it doesn't always have to make sense now, does it?

How to Celebrate?

How do we celebrate National Alex Day you might wonder? To have a solid bash, individuals named Alex are encouraged to snap a selfie, share stories, and basically have a ball! Also, be sure to treat the Alex in your life to a giant bear hug or a cupcake or, why not, a medal!

A Final Tip of the Hat

Lastly, let's raise a glass to all the Alexes out there. Whether using your true name or a pseudonym, have a smashing National Alex Day. And always keep in mind - being 'Alex' is more than just a name, it's a state of fabulousness!

History behind the term 'Alex'


The Birth of Alex

The term 'alex' originated in 1901 and is believed to be a shortened version of the name Alexander. Alexander is a Greek name meaning 'defender of mankind'.


Alex in Pop Culture

In the late 1930s, the name Alex gained popularity through the creation of iconic characters named Alex in literature and films. One of the most famous examples is Alex DeLarge, the protagonist of Anthony Burgess' 1962 novel 'A Clockwork Orange'. This character's name became synonymous with violence and rebellion.


Alex as a Nickname

During the 1960s, the name Alex started to be commonly used as a nickname for individuals named Alexander. It became a trendy and informal way to refer to someone with that name.


Alex as a Unisex Name

In the 1980s, the name Alex broke gender barriers and became a popular unisex name. It was no longer solely associated with males but also became a given name for females.


Alex in Technology

With the rise of technology and internet culture, the term 'alex' gained a new connotation. It became a popular username, commonly used as a short form for individuals named Alexander on various online platforms and social media sites.


Alex as a Cultural Phenomenon

Today, 'alex' continues to be widely used as a nickname, a given name, and an online username, transcending its original association with Alexander. It has become ingrained in popular culture, representing both familiarity and informality, and serving as a symbol of personal identity and community in the digital age.

Did you know?

Did you know, one of the reasons Alex may be quite a popular name and therefore receives its own day, may be traced back to Alexander the Great. So 'Alex' is of Greek origin and means 'defender of people'. Sounds like a great person to have a national day for!


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