National Airborne Day

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So, you're curious about National Airborne Day, are you? You're in for a thrilling dive, my dear friend! This is a day that champions the daredevil paratroopers who plunge from the skies with only large pieces of cloth to prevent their speedy introduction to the ground.

When is Airborne Day?

It's national airborne day on the 16th August.

What is National Airborne Day?

Originating from the home of bravery, the United States, National Airborne practices are observed globally on August 16th. This day was created to celebrate the awesomeness of the folks who've mastered the art of what we'd like to call 'vertical relocation methods'. Yes😄, these are just fancy words for freefall parachuting from aircraft!

The History Behind National Airborne Day?

National Airborne Day was first recognized by none other than the then US President George W. Bush on August 14, 2002. The idea was to honour the first-ever United States Army's parachute jump on August 16, 1940, during World War II. Since then, it's been like a skydiving birthday party for our airborne brethren!

Popularity Peak

According to our top-notch, perhaps slightly obsessive, analytics here at, we noticed that there was a colossal soaring spike of 5939 mentions of National Airborne Day online, hitting cloud nine on August 16, 2018. Seems like everybody wanted to be part of the epic airborne jamboree that year!

Gearing Up

So, how can you celebrate National Airborne Day? Embrace your inner daredevil! Throw on some aviator shades, pull out your jumpsuit, and take a leap of faith. Or, in more terrestrial terms, a well-cushioned trampoline will also do the trick. However, always remember to respect and ideally stay out of real military airspace - the armed services have a funny sense of humour about that!

Did you know?

The highest recorded combat jump was by Cpl. David Kenyon Webster during WWII - who parachuted from a staggering 22,800 feet! Now that's one way of getting a bird's eye view.


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