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Ah, National Air Conditioner Day, a day to celebrate the miraculous invention that keeps us cool in the scorching summer heat. Get ready to chill out (literally) and learn all about the history of air conditioning on this special day!

When is Air Conditioner Day?

It's national air conditioner day on the 17th July.

The Cool Origins of Air Conditioning

Before air conditioners came into our lives, surviving the summer was like trying to roast marshmallows in the fiery pits of Mount Doom. But fear not, for the world was forever changed when air conditioning entered the scene.

The mastermind behind this heavenly invention was Willis Carrier. No, he wasn't a spy or a secret agent, although his invention did save countless lives from the fiery wrath of heatwaves. Back in 1902, Willis Carrier created the very first modern air conditioning system to control humidity in a printing plant. Little did he know that he was about to revolutionize the world and transform summer into the most comfortable season of all.

Over time, air conditioners became more efficient, sleeker, and quieter, allowing people to stay blissfully cool in their homes, offices, and even cars. Today, it's hard to imagine a world without air conditioning. So, take a moment on National Air Conditioner Day to express your gratitude to Willis Carrier and his incredible invention.

History behind the term 'Air Conditioner'


The First Mention of Cooling by Evaporation

The concept of cooling by evaporation was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin in a letter to a friend in 1758. Franklin observed that by wetting a thermometer bulb with a volatile liquid, such as alcohol, and blowing air over it, the temperature could be significantly reduced.


The Birth of the First Modern Air Conditioner

Willis Carrier, an American engineer, developed the world's first modern air conditioner in 1902. Carrier's invention was created to control humidity levels in a printing plant, as fluctuations in humidity were causing problems with ink and paper. This innovation relied on a system of fans, coils, and cooling chambers to cool and dehumidify the air.


Introduction of Air Conditioning for Public Spaces

In 1922, the Strand Theater in New York City became the first public space to be air-conditioned. This marked a major turning point in the comfort and entertainment industries. Theaters and cinemas, previously unattractive during hot summer months, now became popular destinations year-round.


Residential Air Conditioning Becomes Available

In 1931, H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman introduced the first residential air conditioning unit. This invention gave homeowners the ability to control indoor temperature and enjoy a more comfortable living environment. However, due to its high cost, residential air conditioning remained a luxury for the wealthy for many years.


Air Conditioning Goes Mainstream

During the 1950s, advancements in technology and a decrease in manufacturing costs led to the widespread adoption of air conditioning in homes and businesses. Air conditioning became a symbol of comfort and modernity, and its popularity continued to grow rapidly, particularly in regions with hot climates.


Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners

In 1994, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency introduced the Energy Star program, which set standards for energy efficiency in various appliances, including air conditioners. This initiative encouraged the development and adoption of more energy-efficient air conditioning systems, reducing their environmental impact and promoting energy conservation.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first air conditioner was so enormous it took up an entire room? Talk about a statement piece!


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