National Adopt An Adult Shelter Pet Day

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Welcome to, where we dig into the fascinating history of national days! Today, we're celebrating National Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet Day. It's an exciting day to promote love and compassion for our furry friends who haven't found forever homes yet. So, let's dive into the story behind this pawsome national day!

When is Adopt An Adult Shelter Pet Day?

It's national adopt an adult shelter pet day on the 21st November.

The Internet History of National Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet Day

Did you know that National Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet Day first gained traction on the internet? It all started with a hashtag, as many things do nowadays. Animal lovers across social media platforms wanted to shine a light on the often overlooked adult shelter pets, who are just as deserving of love and companionship as their younger counterparts.

On November 21, 2016, a surge of support erupted online, with 18 mentions detected throughout the day. People shared heartwarming stories of adopting adult pets and encouraged others to consider doing the same. This surge in recognition led to the official establishment of National Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet Day.

Why Celebrate National Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet Day?

Adopting a pet brings immeasurable joy and companionship into our lives. However, adult shelter pets often face greater challenges in finding forever homes compared to puppies or kittens. National Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet Day aims to change that by raising awareness and encouraging people to consider giving an adult pet a second chance at a loving home.

Adult pets offer unique advantages to potential adopters. They often come with established personality traits, making it easier to find a pet that matches your lifestyle and preferences. By adopting an adult shelter pet, you're providing them with a new lease on life and showing them the love they deserve.

Fun Fact: They Bring Loads of Experience

Did you know that adult shelter pets come with loads of experience? While they might not have a resume to show for it, adult pets often have years of training and socialization under their proverbial collars. They already know the ropes and can make the adjustment to their new home much smoother.

So, if you're considering adding a furry friend to your family, why not make it a mature one? National Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet Day is the perfect time to visit your local shelter and open your heart to an adult pet in need.

History behind the term 'Adopt An Adult Shelter Pet'


The First Animal Shelter

In 1866, the first animal shelter was established in New York City, providing a safe haven for stray and abandoned animals. These shelters primarily focused on finding homes for puppies and kittens. However, adult animals, especially larger breeds, often faced higher rates of euthanasia due to overcrowding and a lack of attention from potential adopters.


Introduction of Adult Shelter Pet Adoption Programs

In 1987, animal welfare organizations began to recognize the urgent need for finding homes for older shelter animals. This led to the introduction of adult shelter pet adoption programs, which aimed to promote the adoption of adult animals. These programs highlighted the benefits of adopting mature pets, such as their already-established temperament and potential training advantages.


National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

In 1994, the first National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day was established in the United States. This day aimed to raise awareness about the importance of adopting shelter pets and to encourage people to consider adult animals as viable options for adoption. The day also served as a platform for showcasing the love and companionship that adult shelter pets can bring to their new homes.


The Emergence of 'Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet'

Around 2001, the term 'Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet' began to gain popularity as a specific call to action to encourage the adoption of adult animals. By highlighting the unique qualities and benefits of adult pets, this phrase aimed to dispel the common misconception that only puppies and kittens were suitable for adoption. It became a rallying cry for animal lovers and advocates, urging them to consider giving adult shelter animals a second chance at finding a loving home.


Continued Prominence and Impact

In recent years, 'Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet' campaigns and initiatives have gained tremendous traction worldwide. Many animal shelters and rescue organizations actively promote the adoption of adult animals through events, social media campaigns, and dedicated National Days. The term has become synonymous with the mission of giving adult shelter pets the opportunity to find their forever homes and highlighting the value they bring to families and communities. Today, thousands of adult shelter pets find loving homes thanks to the efforts of dedicated advocates and the awareness generated by the 'Adopt an Adult Shelter Pet' movement.

Did you know?

Adult shelter pets bring loads of experience to their new homes!


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