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Welcome to National Wine Day, a day to raise a glass and celebrate the heavenly nectar that is wine! Whether you prefer a robust red, a crisp white, or a sparkling bottle of bubbly, this is the perfect occasion to indulge in your favorite varietal. Join wine enthusiasts from around the globe as we toast to the magical elixir that has been delighting palates for centuries.

When is Wine Wine Day?

It's national wine wine day on the 25th May.

The Internet History of National Wine Day

National Wine Day first emerged onto the online scene like a bold red on a white tablecloth back on 25 May 2016. Since then, wine lovers have flocked to social media platforms to share their love for this divine beverage. With a total of 338 mentions detected online, it's clear that National Wine Day holds a special place in the hearts (and glasses) of wine connoisseurs everywhere.

But the internet is not only buzzing with mentions of National Wine Day. It's also the hub for wine lovers to connect, share recommendations, and explore the wonderful world of wine. From online wine clubs and virtual wine tastings to informative blogs and forums, the internet has become a virtual vineyard where wine enthusiasts can quench their thirst for knowledge and camaraderie.

So, whether you're a seasoned wine aficionado or just dipping your toes into the complex and delightful world of wine, National Wine Day is the perfect opportunity to raise your glass and join the celebration online. Discover new flavors, share your favorite wine-related memes, and connect with fellow wine enthusiasts as you embark on a virtual grape adventure.

History behind the term 'Wine Wine'

6000 BC

The Birth of Winemaking

Archaeological evidence suggests that winemaking began around 6000 BC in the region of present-day Georgia. The ancient Georgians used clay vessels called qvevri to ferment and store their wine. This early winemaking technique set the foundation for the development of wine as we know it today.

5000 BC

The Spread of Wine in Mesopotamia

Wine production and consumption spread to Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) around 5000 BC. The Mesopotamians believed that wine had medicinal and spiritual properties, and it became an integral part of their religious rituals. They also developed advanced techniques for viticulture and winemaking, including grape cultivation and fermentation in large clay jars.

900 BC

The Influence of Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks played a significant role in shaping the wine culture. They established vineyards across the Mediterranean and introduced the concept of wine as a beverage of pleasure and socializing. The Greek god Dionysus became the patron of wine, and vine cultivation spread to various colonies throughout the region.

43 AD

Roman Conquest and Viticulture

With the Roman conquest of Gaul (France) in 43 AD, the Romans brought their own passion for wine. They introduced new grape varieties, improved winemaking techniques, and established vineyards in France, Italy, and Spain. Wine production became an essential part of the Roman economy, and they exported wine to their extensive empire.

8th Century

Islamic Influence on Wine Production

The emergence of Islam in the 8th century brought significant changes to the wine world. Islamic teachings prohibited the consumption of alcohol, leading to the decline of wine production in regions under Islamic rule. However, wine production and wine culture were preserved and thrived in non-Islamic regions of Europe.

17th Century

New World Wine Discoveries

The 17th century marked the exploration and colonization of the New World by European powers. Grapevines were brought to the Americas, and European winemaking traditions were established in regions such as South America (Argentina and Chile), North America (California), and South Africa. These regions would go on to become major players in the global wine industry.

20th Century

Modernization and Global Wine Industry

The 20th century witnessed the modernization and globalization of the wine industry. Technological advancements revolutionized winemaking processes, allowing for greater efficiency and consistency in production. Wine consumption also expanded globally, with wine becoming popular in countries that traditionally had little wine culture. Today, wine is enjoyed by people of diverse backgrounds and has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's oldest bottle of wine dates back to A.D. 325? Unearthed during an archaeological dig in Germany, this ancient bottle, known as the Speyer wine bottle, is still sealed with wax and contains traces of wine. That's one bottle that has definitely stood the test of time!


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