National Toblerone Day

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Hey there, Toblerone enthusiasts! Get ready to break off a piece of chocolate history because today is National Toblerone Day!

When is Toblerone Day?

It's national toblerone day on the 24th March.

The Internet History of National Toblerone Day

If you've ever experienced the sheer joy of biting into a delectable Toblerone chocolate bar, then you know exactly why this delicious day has become a cause for celebration. But how did National Toblerone Day come to be? Let me take you on a sweet journey through internet history to uncover its origins.

Believe it or not, National Toblerone Day was not actually created by the inventors of Toblerone, but rather by a massive group of chocolate-loving fanatics on social media. These fans were absolutely nuts about Toblerone (pun intended) and decided that the world needed an official day to honor this triangular treat.

It all started on March 24, 2015, when the internet was abuzz with Toblerone love. People were posting pictures of their favorite Toblerone moments, sharing mouthwatering recipes that incorporated the chocolatey goodness, and proclaiming their undying love for the Swiss confection. It quickly became clear that Toblerone had an army of devoted enthusiasts who were ready to celebrate their chocolatey obsession in a big way.

The hashtag #NationalTobleroneDay began to trend on social media platforms, and it wasn't long before Toblerone caught wind of the fervor. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to connect with their loyal customers, Toblerone fully embraced the celebration and joined in on the fun. They started sharing tantalizing recipes, behind-the-scenes glimpses of their chocolate factory, and exclusive offers for Toblerone fans. Their participation only fueled the fire and solidified National Toblerone Day as a chocolate holiday that would go down in internet history.

Since its inception, National Toblerone Day has continued to grow year after year, with chocolate lovers around the world marking their calendars for this special occasion. It's a day to indulge in the creamy nougat, rich milk chocolate, and crunchy almond goodness that makes Toblerone so unique. Whether you enjoy it as a solo snack or use it as a key ingredient in your favorite dessert, National Toblerone Day is all about celebrating the joy that comes from sinking your teeth into this iconic chocolate bar.

History behind the term 'Toblerone'


Birth of Theodor Tobler

In 1908, Theodor Tobler, a Swiss businessman, was born. He later went on to create one of the most iconic chocolate bars in the world, the Toblerone. Theodor Tobler's passion for confectionery and his innovative spirit would play a crucial role in the birth of the term 'Toblerone'.


Toblerone's Introduction

In 1909, Theodor Tobler and his cousin, Emil Baumann, officially launched Toblerone as a brand. The chocolate bar, characterized by its distinctive triangular shape and honey-almond nougat filling, quickly gained popularity in Switzerland and abroad.


The Naming of Toblerone

The term 'Toblerone' was coined by combining Theodor Tobler's surname with the Italian word 'torrone', which means a type of nougat. This fusion of 'Tobler' and 'torrone' perfectly captured the unique characteristics of the chocolate bar and became its official name.


Expansion of Toblerone

Toblerone continued to expand its reach globally and became particularly popular in the United Kingdom. Its iconic shape and packaging made it a favorite souvenir for travelers passing through airports. As a result, the term 'Toblerone' became synonymous with Swiss chocolate and a symbol of traveling.


Trademark Protection

In 1980, Toblerone's unique triangular shape was granted trademark protection in many countries, including the United States. This legal recognition further solidified the term 'Toblerone' as a chocolate brand known for its distinctive shape and high-quality taste.


Toblerone's Legacy

Today, Toblerone remains one of the most loved and recognized chocolate brands worldwide. Its iconic shape, delightful combination of Swiss chocolate and nougat, and the term 'Toblerone' itself have become cultural symbols associated with indulgence, travel, and Swiss craftsmanship.

Did you know?

Did you know that Toblerone bars were originally created in Switzerland and were inspired by the Matterhorn mountain? So when you're enjoying a Toblerone, you're not just savoring chocolate, you're experiencing a taste of Alpine adventure!


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