National Teeth Whitening Day

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Ah, National Teeth Whitening Day! A day dedicated to achieving those pearly whites and dazzling smiles. So, grab your toothpaste, flex those toothbrushing muscles, and let's dive into the world of teeth whitening!

When is Teeth Whitening Day?

It's national teeth whitening day on the 17th June.

The Journey to Whiter Teeth

Have you ever wondered how the obsession with teeth whitening started? Well, let's take a trip down memory lane and explore the internet and actual history of this national day!

The Internet Buzz

On June 17, 2015, the internet was abuzz with excitement over National Teeth Whitening Day. Seven mentions were detected online, making it clear that people were ready for a day dedicated to achieving those sparkling smiles.

A Bright Idea

The quest for whiter teeth dates back centuries. Ancient civilizations used everything from ground pumice stone to urine (yes, you read that correctly) to brighten their smiles. Thankfully, we've come a long way since then!

Nowadays, we have a multitude of options available for teeth whitening. From whitening toothpaste to home whitening kits and professional dental treatments, the choices are endless.

The Did-You-Know Section

Did you know that teeth whitening isn't just for humans? That's right! Some pet owners even invest in teeth whitening products for their furry friends. Who wouldn't want their pets to have bright, shining smiles too?

History behind the term 'Teeth Whitening'

3000 BC

Ancient Teeth Cleansing

The history of teeth whitening can be traced back to ancient civilizations. In 3000 BC, the ancient Egyptians used a mixture of ground pumice stone and wine vinegar to clean and whiten their teeth. This early form of teeth cleansing was effective in removing stains and plaque from the teeth, contributing to a brighter smile.

17th Century

The Discovery of Bleaching Properties

During the 17th century, it was discovered that certain substances had bleaching properties that could be harnessed to whiten teeth. In 1618, a Portuguese explorer named Bartolomeu Dias observed the teeth of the indigenous tribes in South Africa and noticed their remarkably white teeth. It was later found that they used a mixture of ground up seashells and other natural materials to clean and whiten their teeth.

18th Century

The Use of Hydrogen Peroxide

By the 18th century, a more recognizable form of teeth whitening began to emerge. In 1770, a Swedish chemist named Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered the bleaching properties of hydrogen peroxide. This marked a significant advancement in teeth whitening techniques, as hydrogen peroxide became a popular ingredient in various toothpaste and whitening solutions.

19th Century

The Invention of Modern Toothpaste

The 19th century witnessed the invention of modern toothpaste, which played a crucial role in teeth whitening. In 1850, Dr. Washington Wentworth Sheffield introduced the first commercially produced toothpaste. This marked a shift from the traditional methods of teeth cleaning towards a more accessible and convenient approach for maintaining oral hygiene.

20th Century

Advancements in Treatment

The 20th century brought about significant advancements in teeth whitening treatments. In the 1980s, dentists began to use peroxide-based whitening gels as a professional treatment for teeth whitening. This method involved applying a gel containing hydrogen peroxide directly to the teeth and using a special light or laser to activate the whitening process. This marked a new era of teeth whitening, offering more effective and efficient results.

21st Century

At-Home Teeth Whitening Products

In the 21st century, the popularity of teeth whitening skyrocketed. With advancements in technology and the demand for brighter smiles, at-home teeth whitening products became readily available. Whitening toothpaste, strips, trays, and LED whitening systems gained popularity among consumers, allowing individuals to achieve whiter teeth in the comfort of their own homes.

Did you know?

Teeth whitening isn't just for humans - some pet owners invest in teeth whitening products for their furry friends!


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