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Welcome to the wacky world of National Talk Shit Day! On this special day, we celebrate the art of playful banter and good-natured teasing. So grab your witty comebacks, put on your joking hat, and get ready for a day filled with humor and laughter!

When is Talk Shit Day?

It's national talk shit day on the 11th July.

The Origins of National Talk Shit Day

While it may seem like National Talk Shit Day is a made-up internet holiday, its roots actually date back to a time before the digital age. People have always enjoyed a little friendly ribbing and indulging in harmless verbal sparring. However, it was the rise of social media platforms that gave this delightful pastime its own dedicated day on the calendar.

On July 11, 2016, National Talk Shit Day received the most online mentions, with people around the world engaging in lively conversations and sharing their best zingers.

How to Celebrate

Celebrating National Talk Shit Day is simple: let your wit and humor shine! Engage in friendly banter with your loved ones, co-workers, and friends, always keeping it lighthearted and playful. Remember, the goal is to make everyone laugh, not to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anyone.

Whether it's a clever comeback, a well-timed joke, or a funny anecdote, take this day as an opportunity to brighten someone's day with your words. Spread laughter and positive vibes!

History behind the term 'Talk Shit'


The Origins of 'Shit'

The term 'shit' can be traced back to the early 17th century, where it originated from the Middle English word 'shiten,' which means 'to defecate.' This vulgar term became widely used in English language and culture, representing bodily waste.

17th century

Origins of 'talk shit'

The term 'talk shit' originated in the 17th century as a colloquial expression in English language. The word 'shit' in this phrase refers to vulgar or obscene language, while 'talk' indicates the act of speaking. The combination of these two words forms an expression used to describe someone speaking in a disrespectful or offensive manner.


The Birth of 'Talk Shit'

The term 'talk shit' first appeared in the 1920s in American slang. It was derived from the combination of two slang terms: 'talk' meaning to speak or converse, and 'shit' which was used colloquially to mean nonsense or lies. The phrase 'talk shit' originally referred to someone speaking in a boisterous or exaggerated manner, often with a disregard for the truth.


Evolution into Vulgar Insult

In the 1940s, 'talk shit' began to evolve into a more vulgar insult. It started to be used to describe someone who not only spoke nonsense but also deliberately spread false information or engaged in provocative, disrespectful, and offensive speech. The term gained popularity in counterculture movements as a way to challenge authority and express rebellious attitudes.


The Evolution of the Phrase 'Talk Shit'

The phrase 'talk shit' gained prominence during the 18th century, as the slang term 'shit' began to be used figuratively. It evolved to mean engaging in empty, exaggerated, or boastful talk without substance or credibility.

20th century

Evolution in popular culture

During the 20th century, the term 'talk shit' gained popularity and entered the realm of popular culture. It became commonly used in casual conversations, especially among friends and peers. Due to its straightforward and relatable nature, the phrase started appearing in literature, music lyrics, movies, and other forms of media. As society became more open to discussing taboo subjects, the use of 'talk shit' as a means of expressing frustration or criticism became prevalent.


Mainstream Exposure

During the 1970s, 'talk shit' started to gain wider recognition and exposure in mainstream media and popular culture. It became commonly used in movies, television shows, and music, further solidifying its place in modern slang. As the term entered mainstream consciousness, its meaning expanded to encompass any form of exaggerated or blatantly false statements, regardless of intent or impact.


The Cultural Impact of 'Talk Shit'

The 1920s witnessed the widespread adoption of 'talk shit' as a popular slang phrase. It became part of the everyday vernacular, often used to describe someone who engaged in idle gossip, exaggerated stories, or untrue statements. This cultural impact can be attributed to the changing attitudes toward language and the increasing acceptance of slang in mainstream society.


Rise of hip-hop influence

In the 1980s, the term 'talk shit' found a significant place within the hip-hop culture. As rap music gained popularity, artists embraced the phrase as a means of asserting themselves and challenging their opponents. Rappers often used 'talk shit' to describe the act of boasting or trash-talking in their lyrics, enhancing the confrontational aspects of their performances. This influence further contributed to the widespread adoption of the term in modern vernacular.


The Rise in Popularity and Usage

During the counterculture movement of the 1970s, 'talk shit' gained further popularity as a rebellious and expressive phrase. It became associated with challenging authority, rejecting societal norms, and embracing freedom of speech, even if it involved exaggerated or inflammatory language. The rise of punk rock and hip-hop music also contributed to the increased usage of 'talk shit' in their lyrics and rhetoric.

Internet era

Digital age and proliferation

With the advent of the internet and social media, the term 'talk shit' took on a new dimension. Online platforms provided a global stage for individuals to express their opinions, often unfiltered and without consequences. 'Talk shit' became a common phrase used to describe online discussions filled with insults, provocations, or baseless claims. The term entered popular internet slang, evolving to include variations like 'talking crap' or 'talking smack.' The digital era further solidified the usage and recognition of 'talk shit' in modern language.


Internet Revolutionizes 'Talk Shit'

With the rise of the internet in the 1990s, 'talk shit' found a new platform for its expression. Online forums, chat rooms, and social media allowed people from all over the world to engage in discussions and debates. Consequently, 'talk shit' became a go-to phrase to dismiss opinions or arguments that were deemed ignorant, uninformed, or lacking credibility. Its usage became more frequent and widespread in the digital age.

Present Day

Colloquial Expression and Memes

In the present day, 'talk shit' has solidified its position as a colloquial expression. It is commonly used to challenge or question someone's credibility, sincerity, or intelligence. The term has also become prevalent in internet culture and meme communities. Memes featuring phrases like 'talk shit, get hit' have gained popularity, particularly in the gaming and online communities, where it is used to assert dominance or retaliate against provocations.


The Phrase in Modern Culture

In the present day, 'talk shit' continues to be a prevalent and versatile phrase. It is often used to call out someone for making baseless claims, spreading false information, or boasting without evidence. The phrase has become ingrained in pop culture, appearing in movies, TV shows, music, and everyday conversations. While its vulgarity remains, it has evolved into a way to express skepticism and challenge the credibility of others' statements.

Did you know?

Did you know that talking shit can actually be good for your mental health (with some limitations, of course)? Playful banter and teasing can foster stronger social connections and reduce stress levels. Just remember to keep it light and always consider the feelings of others!


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