National Surfing Day

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Hey there, surfing enthusiasts! Get ready to ride the waves and hang ten because National Surfing Day is here!

When is Surfing Day?

It's national surfing day on the 20th June.

The Rise of National Surfing Day

Gather 'round, my fellow beach bums, as we dive into the refreshing history of National Surfing Day. This gnarly celebration of wave-riding glory started making waves (pun totally intended) in back in 2005. The goal was simple: to honor the sport that brings us endless hours of stoke, sun, and sand. Surfing is not just a sport; it's a way of life – a way to connect with nature, embrace the unknown, and find inner peace while battling mighty waves.

Thanks to the internet, the popularity of National Surfing Day quickly spread like the wildest rumors on a surfer's grapevine. The day gained recognition among surfers and ocean lovers worldwide, who eagerly awaited the 20th of June each year to wax their boards, slip into their wetsuits, and conquer the ocean.

Catching the Wave Online

Surfers are not just masters of the ocean waves; they also ride the digital tidal wave with finesse. On June 20th, social media platforms explode with a flood of hashtags and posts about National Surfing Day. Surfing brands, professional riders, and enthusiasts alike come together to share their love for the sport and create an online community full of stoke and good vibes.

Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a landlocked fan, National Surfing Day is the perfect occasion to brush up on surf lingo, admire epic wave-reel videos, and daydream about the next time you'll catch that perfect break. Plus, it's a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about ocean conservation, as the health of our waves goes hand in hand with the health of our planet.

Celebrate in Style

So, how can you celebrate National Surfing Day? Well, my friend, the options are as endless as the ocean itself. Grab your board and hit the waves, organize a beach clean-up to protect our beloved coastlines, or simply kick back with some popcorn and watch classic surf films that will make you wish you were riding the swells of the Pacific. And don't forget to sport your favorite surfwear, because let's face it – life is always better in board shorts and bikinis.

History behind the term 'Surfing'


First recorded description

The term 'surfing' was first recorded in 1769 by Captain James Cook during his voyage to Tahiti. In his journal, he described how native Tahitians rode waves on long, narrow boards made from local wood.


Introduction to America

Surfing was introduced to America in 1907 by George Freeth, a native of Hawaii. Freeth showcased his surfing skills in California and helped popularize the sport on the West Coast.


Surfing clubs

In 1928, the first surfing club, the Waikiki Surf Club, was formed in Hawaii. The club played a crucial role in promoting and preserving the art of surfing, organizing competitions, and fostering a sense of community among surfers.


Gidget and pop culture

The term 'surfing' gained significant attention in popular culture with the release of the novel 'Gidget: The Little Girl with Big Ideas' in 1957, which was later adapted into a movie in 1959. The novel and film depicted the surfing subculture, bringing the sport into the mainstream and inspiring many to take up surfing.


The birth of professional surfing

In 1966, the first professional surfing competition, the World Surfing Championships, was held in Narrabeen, Australia. This event marked a pivotal moment in the history of surfing as it established a platform for surfers to compete and showcase their skills on an international stage.


Inclusion in the X Games

Surfing gained further recognition when it was included as an exhibition sport in the 1995 X Games, an annual extreme sports event. This exposure helped elevate the status of surfing as an extreme sport and introduced it to a broader audience.


Global popularity and accessibility

Surfing has now become a global phenomenon, with enthusiasts and professional surfers found in every corner of the world. The sport's popularity has been facilitated by advancements in surfboard design, wetsuit technology, and the availability of surf spots that cater to various skill levels.

Did you know?

Did you know that the largest wave ever surfed was about 100 feet tall? Hold on to your surfboard because that's taller than a nine-story building! It takes some serious skills and nerves of steel to tackle such gigantic waves.


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