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Hey there, Slurpee enthusiasts! Get ready to slurp your way into sweet, icy bliss because National Slurpee Day is here! On this delicious day, we celebrate the iconic frozen beverage that has brought joy to millions of people around the world. So, grab your favorite flavor, find a cozy spot, and let's dive right into the refreshing history of National Slurpee Day!

When is Slurpee Day?

It's national slurpee day on the 11th January.

The Origins of Slurpee

Before we dig into the National Slurpee Day phenomenon, let's take a quick sip back in time to learn a bit about this frozen treat's origins. Believe it or not, Slurpee has been cooling us off since the late 1950s. The magic happened when a Kansas-based burger joint called Dairy Queen came up with the brilliant idea of serving frozen carbonated beverages to keep customers refreshed during scorching summer days. Their innovative creation soon caught the attention of 7-Eleven, which quickly adopted and popularized the tasty drink by introducing it to their convenience stores around the United States.

Now, let's fast forward to our beloved National Slurpee Day!

Getting Brain Freeze with National Slurpee Day

Every year on July 11th, 7-Eleven stores across the country transform into wonderlands of icy goodness as they celebrate National Slurpee Day. Why July 11th, you ask? Well, that date holds a special place in the Slurpee universe because 7-Eleven conveniently chose it to represent their brand. Clever, right?

On this frozen extravaganza, you can stroll into any participating 7-Eleven store and get yourself a free small Slurpee, no strings attached! It's their way of saying, 'Hey, we appreciate you and your freezing love for our slurptastic drinks.'

But the coolness doesn't stop there! 7-Eleven always surprises us with limited-edition flavors and collaborations to make National Slurpee Day extra special. From classic favorites like Coca-Cola and Cherry to unique concoctions you've never even dreamed of, the choices are endless. So, if you're feeling adventurous, this is the perfect opportunity to give your taste buds an icy, mind-blowing adventure.

Whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart, National Slurpee Day brings out the inner child in all of us. So, make sure you mark your calendars, gather your loved ones, and embark on a brain-freezing journey of slurpilicious happiness!

History behind the term 'Slurpee'


Creation of the Slurpee

In 1965, the term 'Slurpee' was born when a 7-Eleven franchise in Kansas City introduced a new carbonated beverage called an 'ICEE.' The drink was initially created by accident when a machines NEC engineer created a slushy-like texture while trying to develop a new soda cooling method. The unique texture and refreshing taste quickly gained popularity among customers.


Rebranding as Slurpee

In 1967, the ICEE Corporation decided to rebrand their frozen drinks as 'Slurpee' to better reflect the sound customers made while sipping the icy beverages through a straw. The name change further added to the playful and enjoyable image of Slurpee and contributed to its success as a brand.


Expansion to 7-Eleven stores

By 1969, 7-Eleven began offering the popular Slurpee across its chain of convenience stores, replacing their previously offered carbonated beverages. This expansion made Slurpee more widely accessible, establishing itself as a staple treat for people on the go.


Introduction of new flavors and promotions

During the 1970s, 7-Eleven started introducing a variety of new and innovative Slurpee flavors, including fruit-based options like cherry, cola, lime, and grape. They also began running promotions such as the iconic 'Bring Your Own Cup Day,' where customers could bring any creatively shaped container for Slurpee filling, leading to numerous creative and wacky entries.


International expansion

In 1982, Slurpee made its way beyond the United States when the first Canadian 7-Eleven store began offering the beloved frozen beverage. The international expansion marked the beginning of Slurpee's global popularity, with different countries developing their own unique flavor combinations.


Slurpee Lite and sugar-free options

In 2005, 7-Eleven introduced Slurpee Lite, a low-calorie version of its classic frozen drink. This addition catered to health-conscious customers while still providing the enjoyable Slurpee experience. Alongside the Lite version, 7-Eleven also started offering sugar-free Slurpee options for individuals seeking reduced sugar alternatives.

Did you know?

Did you know that 7-Eleven sells over 14 million Slurpee drinks every month? That's enough to fill an entire Olympic-sized swimming pool with sticky, frozen goodness!


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