National Short Girl Appreciation Day

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If life insured you could skip the towering world of tallness to reach for the joys lying within the close-knit environment of short and sweet comfort, then welcome to your stomping ground! National Short Girl Appreciation Day is dedicated to all those petite dames who add spunk and charisma to every inch of their stature. Celebrated each year on December 22nd, this unique day aims to shower some well-earned recognition on those who walk with vertical challenges but an amount of spirit so grand it would dwarf giants!

When is Short Girl Appreciation Day?

It's national short girl appreciation day on the 22nd December.

Where it all began

Internet gurus might think this celebration sprang out of nowhere but it's been showering the World Wide Web with its fun-size presence for a while now. Based on our data, we detected at least 3170 mentions of National Short Girl Appreciation Day online. The most significant peak in its online popularity came about on 22 Dec 2019, when the internet sang praises for our petite divas with fervor and fireworks.

Carving Big Impacts in Small Packages

On December 22, the shortest day of the year, it only makes sense we take some time to acknowledge those who add immense value to our lives in their unique, compact forms. Their tininess does not equate to timidness, their condensed constitution does not connote constraint, rather they are often the embodiment of strength and courage in the face of towering odds. National Short Girl Appreciation Day applauds these extraordinary women, and encourages everyone to do the same.

How to Celebrate

Break out the balloons, pop open the tiniest-bottled fizz, and heap your short girl with heap-loads of love. Today is about making her feel appreciated, valued. The world may have literally overlooked her from time to time, but this day, it’s about making her feel ten feet tall. Post a picture of your charming compact companion on social media with #NationalShortGirlAppreciationDay and introduce her to the world in all her shrunken splendor!

History behind the term 'Short Girl Appreciation'


Social Media Movement

The term 'short girl appreciation' gained momentum in 2010 through social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. People started using this phrase to express their admiration for short girls and highlight the unique qualities they possess. It became a way to celebrate the petite stature of women and combat society's obsession with height.


Online Communities and Memes

In 2012, online communities and forums dedicated to 'short girl appreciation' started to emerge. These communities provided a space for people to share stories, memes, and humorous content related to being a short girl. Memes such as '5'3'' and proud' became highly popular and further spread the appreciation for shorter women.


Inclusion in Mainstream Media

By 2015, 'short girl appreciation' began to appear in mainstream media. Television shows and movies started featuring characters who were proud of their height, breaking stereotypes surrounding beauty ideals. The term gained further recognition as celebrities embraced and showcased their support for being a short girl.


Fashion Industry Embrace

The year 2018 marked a significant shift in the fashion industry's perception of height. Runways and fashion magazines began highlighting the beauty and style of shorter models, emphasizing the versatility and charm that comes with a petite stature. 'Short girl appreciation' was not just limited to personality traits but also extended to the fashion world.


Continued Empowerment

In recent years, 'short girl appreciation' continues to grow stronger. The term has evolved into a movement that celebrates not only height but also the confidence, strength, and achievements of short women. It serves as a reminder that beauty comes in different sizes, empowering short girls to embrace their uniqueness and thrive in a society that often prioritizes taller individuals.

Did you know?

Did you know that many Hollywood celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga and Reese Witherspoon have strutted on the red carpet with heights lesser than 5'3"? Now that's some 'short' of amazing!


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