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Hey there, fellow riders! Are you tired of sitting in traffic and praying for the sweet release of arriving at work? Well, hold on to your handlebars because we've got a day just for you! National Ride to Work Day is here to let you pedal your way to the office with style and sanity intact. It's a day to embrace the two-wheeled wonders that effortlessly navigate through traffic while giving you a sweet dose of exercise. So hop on your trusty steed and let's dive into the exhilarating history of this pedal-powered celebration.

When is Ride To Work Day?

It's national ride to work day on the 18th June.

The Origins of National Ride to Work Day

Who would have thought that commuting to work could be so fun? The idea for National Ride to Work Day sprang from the hearts of passionate cyclists who wanted to promote the benefits of cycling and encourage more people to ditch their cars for a day. This annual celebration was born out of a desire to advocate for a healthier lifestyle and a greener environment.

The very first National Ride to Work Day was pedaled into existence in 2008, as a grassroots initiative by a group of cycling enthusiasts. Since then, it has gained traction around the world, with millions of people strapping on their helmets and joining the event each year. This day not only promotes cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation but also highlights the many perks it brings, such as improved cardiovascular health, reduced carbon emissions, and a boost in mood and energy levels.

History behind the term 'Ride To Work'


The Birth of the Bicycle Industry

In 1894, the bicycle industry flourished, leading to an increase in the popularity of bicycles as a mode of transportation. Bicycles became more affordable and accessible, allowing more people to own and use them for commuting purposes.


Cultural Shift: Rise of Automobiles

In 1956, there was a significant cultural shift towards automobile usage in the United States. The automotive industry experienced rapid growth, and cars became the primary choice for commuting. This transition gradually led to a decline in bicycle usage for transportation purposes.


First Ride to Work Day

In 1973, the first known organized event promoting bicycle commuting called 'Ride to Work Day' took place in Madison, Wisconsin. The event aimed to raise awareness of bicycles as a viable means of commuting and to encourage people to ride to work instead of driving a car.


National Ride to Work Day Recognition

In 1995, the League of American Bicyclists officially recognized 'Ride to Work Day' as a national event. The organization played a crucial role in promoting and supporting this day, highlighting the environmental and health benefits of bicycle commuting.


Global Expansion

By the year 2000, 'Ride to Work Day' had expanded internationally, with numerous countries embracing the concept. The event gained traction around the world, promoting bicycle commuting and advocating for cycling infrastructure improvements.


Ongoing Recognition and Participation

Today, 'Ride to Work Day' continues to be celebrated annually on the third Wednesday of June in many countries. It serves as a reminder of the benefits of cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation, and encourages people to give it a try for their daily commute.

Did you know?

Did you know that the origin of the word 'bicycle' comes from the Greek words 'bi', meaning two, and 'kuklos', meaning wheel? It's a perfect fit for a two-wheeled wonder that takes us on so many exciting adventures!


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