National Reach As High As You Can Day

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Ever felt the need to just grouse around and reach as high as you can? Well, whether you're trying to grab the cookie jar or stretch your dreams to infinity, 'National Reach As High As You Can Day' is just the day for you. Mark it on your calendars everyone- it's got that much-needed stretch for all!

When is Reach As High As You Can Day?

It's national reach as high as you can day on the 14th April.

A Leap Towards the Sky - The Internet Echo

The incredible 'National Reach As High As You Can Day' was evidently reverberating around the world wide web back on 14, April 2015 with a whopping 3703 mentions! It was indeed a day when everyone's arms were busy getting a head-start to the moon.

The Purpose

The true essence of this quirky yet intriguing day is to remind us all that we should always be reaching for our dreams, regardless of how distant or absent they might seem. Whether it’s a child aiming for the top shelf of candies at a supermarket or an entrepreneur readying to launch a tech-startup—you're all doing it right!

Why it Matters?

Reaching high is always more than a physical stretch—it's a mental, emotional, and spiritual one too. You might just endeavor to reach a new record in gym or aspire to nail that Nigella Lawson Tiramisu recipe you've been struggling with. Or maybe, you're organizing your life in an Excel sheet. It’s all about embracing growth and reaching your individual best!

A Sky-High Participation

This day is a testament to the power of collective endeavor, a reminder that life is full of opportunities waiting to be grasped. On 14th April, 2015, it was as if the internet did a massive collective virtual high-five, celebrating our shared human capacity to dream big and aim even higher.

Does Size Matter?

Absolutely not! From plucking that apple on a tree for a friend to mounting the towering peak of Mount Everest—you define your 'high'. The only essential is that you reach, my friend—you just reach!

History behind the term 'Reach As High As You Can'


Origins in literature

The phrase 'reach as high as you can' first appeared in literature in 1934 in a book called 'Spinach and Watercress' by Elizabeth Scarlett. The book explored the themes of ambition and self-improvement, and the author used the phrase to encourage readers to strive for their dreams and goals.


Popularity in motivational speeches

In 1961, the term gained popularity through motivational speeches given by renowned speaker and author, Robert Maxwell. Maxwell emphasized the importance of aiming high and reaching for one's full potential. His speeches resonated with many individuals, leading to the phrase becoming a popular mantra for personal development.


Influence in sports

During the 1980s, the term 'reach as high as you can' became closely associated with sports, especially in the context of achieving excellence and pushing one's limits. The idea of reaching as high as possible resonated with athletes, coaches, and fans alike, inspiring them to surpass their previous achievements and strive for greatness.


Expansion to general life advice

In 1995, the phrase 'reach as high as you can' expanded beyond sports and motivational contexts to become a popular piece of general life advice. People started using it to encourage others to aim high in different areas of life, whether it be career, education, relationships, or personal growth. It became a symbol of perseverance, ambition, and the pursuit of one's dreams.


Continued relevance and inspiration

Today, the term 'reach as high as you can' continues to inspire individuals worldwide. It serves as a reminder to embrace challenges, break boundaries, and strive for excellence in every endeavor. Whether in personal aspirations, professional goals, or simply as a daily motivation, the phrase embodies the human spirit's endless capacity for growth and the pursuit of greatness.

Did you know?

Aptly amidst the giggles, did you know that the tallest man in recorded history, Robert Wadlow, could have reached items approximately 12 feet high!


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