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Hey there, folks! Get ready to push your limits because it's National Pushing Day! This special day celebrates the act of pushing, whether it's pushing boundaries, pushing yourself, or pushing that darn door when it clearly says 'pull.' So, let's dive right into the fascinating world of pushing!

When is Pushing Day?

It's national pushing day on the 16th March.

The Origins of National Pushing Day

While the specific internet history of National Pushing Day might not be well-documented, this quirky celebration is believed to have originated from the sheer frustration of people encountering push doors all the time. It's a day to acknowledge our collective confusion and maybe even laugh at ourselves a little.

Pushing has also become a metaphor for pushing our limits, embracing challenges, and striving for success. It reminds us that sometimes, we need to put in some extra effort to achieve our goals.

Celebrating National Pushing Day

There are countless ways to celebrate National Pushing Day, depending on your interpretation of 'pushing.' Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Pushing Your Fitness: Hit the gym or embark on a challenging hike to strengthen those muscles and push your physical boundaries.
  • Pushing Your Creativity: Try a new artistic hobby or challenge yourself with a complex puzzle.
  • Pushing Your Comfort Zone: Take on something you've been avoiding, like public speaking or trying a new food.

Remember, National Pushing Day is about embracing the spirit of perseverance and taking small steps towards personal growth.

Did You Know?

In the animal kingdom, certain species of penguins push their partner into the water to ensure they are safe from predators before taking the plunge themselves. Talk about teamwork!

History behind the term 'Pushing'

Late 16th century

The Early Days

Pushing, in its earliest form, referred to the action of applying force to move or press something. This term emerged in the late 16th century and was initially associated with physical exertion and the act of exerting pressure or effort.

19th century

Pushing Boundaries

As societal norms evolved during the 19th century, the concept of pushing took on a metaphorical meaning. It began to signify the act of challenging conventions, pushing boundaries, and striving for progress or change. Pushing became a symbol of dissent and rebellion against established traditions and ideologies in various domains such as art, literature, and social movements.

Early 20th century

Pushing It Further

In the early 20th century, the term 'pushing' gained prominence in the business context. It described the vigorous pursuit of success, market expansion, and competitive advantage. Entrepreneurs and businessmen started using 'pushing' to convey their relentless drive, ambition, and determination to achieve their goals. This period saw the rise of capitalism and the associated emphasis on pushing one's way to success.

Late 20th century

Pushing Buttons

In the late 20th century, 'pushing' took on an additional connotation related to technology and human-computer interaction. The phrase 'pushing buttons' emerged, referring to operating buttons or switches on electronic devices to initiate actions. This expression became a metaphor for exerting control, making decisions, or manipulating circumstances using technology as a tool.

Present Day

Pushing Digital Frontiers

Today, 'pushing' has expanded further into the digital realm. It has become synonymous with continuously innovating and exploring the possibilities offered by technology, digital platforms, and social media. Pushing the boundaries of digital frontiers encompasses activities like content creation, marketing strategies, and technological advancements that aim to create novel and engaging experiences for users.

Did you know?

In the animal kingdom, certain species of penguins push their partner into the water to ensure they are safe from predators before taking the plunge themselves. Talk about teamwork!


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